Treat Flea Bites on Your Dog

Multiple methods can be employed on how to treat fleas on your dog. Your best bet is not to get fleas on your dog to start with. We will look at some prevention ideas as well as treating flea bites on your dog once he is already infected. You can try several home remedies so you will not have to incur a vet bill.

Before doing any other remedies, you should brush your dog’s hair to locate and remove the fleas and destroy them. Brush the hair in a downward motion and then in an upward motion to look for the fleas. When you see that fleas are dropping to the floor or carpeting be sure and kill them, otherwise they will be right back on your dog again.

Treating flea bites on your dog can be a big job. The next thing you will want to do once you have figured out your poor old dog is infected is to give it a good bath. There are many good flea shampoos on the market to choose from. These shampoos are specifically designed to kill the fleas. At the store, you will have to look for a product that contains pyrethrins and has some soothing properties such as tea tree oil or oatmeal, which will help to relieve some of the pain and itching.

You can try flea powders. They are easy to use. However, they need to be monitored carefully. Be aware that they can cause your dog to get dry skin. Sometimes a powder can cause more harm to your dog’s skin.

Flea dips are also available for you to try. They do contain toxic chemicals and will quickly kill the fleas. You might want to stay away from using a flea dip. I caution you about these products because my own dog had a real bad reaction to them.

Flea collars have been around for years and can be effective in keeping fleas off of your dog. Word of warning these collars can also be dangerous. Because there worn around the neck, they can lead to serious complications of the nervous system. Again, collars contain some dangerous chemicals.

Okay now that you think you have treated the flea bites on your dog, you must remove the fleas from the rest of the house. Vacuum everything over and over again. Throw out the vacuum bags containing the fleas. You can take several other measures to kill fleas from your home, such as fogging, sprays and powders.


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