Choose Pet Cages

One of the basics of pet ownership is finding an adequate living space for your pet.   There are many different sizes, shapes and colors to choose from.  It may seem overwhelming to find a pet cage for your very important family member.   But our pets are well worth the effort that we will put into finding the perfect living space for our pets.

The first thing you must do is choose the location your pet cage will be.   It should be located away from all windows and doors and still in the most active part of the home so your pet can enjoy being around you.  Next step would be of course the size of your pet.   It is perfectly fine to buy a small cage for a small pet or a large cage for a large pet.  But keep in mind that you want plenty of room for your pet to move around and enjoy his new living space.   A good cage is one that will allow your pet to walk around freely.  Don’t forget to take into account the food bowls and bedding that you put into the cage.   You can consult your veterinarian for the best size to buy for your particular pet.

Another thing to look at is the spacing between the bars.  If it’s a small bird such as a finch or a parakeet, bars should be about 1/2 inch apart.  Those with larger birds should buy cages with horizontal bars.

The style of the cage is also important.  Round cages have been proven to be detrimental to a bird’s health so angled cages are the best.  Many of these cages can be hung up or can be placed on a stand.   They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate your pet.

Before you purchase a pet cage, make sure it is sturdy and safe for your pet.  Make sure there are no sharp edges or loose parts on the cage.  The best cages are stainless steel and non-toxic and easy to clean and will not chip.  The primary function of the cage is to protect the pet.  Make sure the new cage does not pose any safety hazards for your pet.

Take your time in choosing the best pet cage for you as well as your pet.  Your pet will spend most of its time in the cage.  As we like decorations in our home, your pet will love them, too.  Fill the cage with colorful toys to entertain him with.


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