Choose Reptile Cages

Reptiles are popular pets nowadays as an alternative to cats, dogs and birds. You can choose turtles, tortoises, chameleons or crabs as pets. The more adventurous ones can opt for frogs, geckos and even harmless small snakes. Your reptile however needs to be cared for as you would for any other pet. The habitat for reptiles is especially important. Reptiles live in quite different conditions and cannot easily adjust to natural human homes. Choosing an appropriate home for your reptile is very important. Today a variety of reptile cages are available in many pet shops. You just need to keep some basic things in mind when you go to choose one for your pet.

The most important thing is that the cage should be strong enough to contain your pet within. Reptiles pets if let loose can create quite a havoc in your house. To prevent the subsequent panic and anxiety, check the cage for strength.

If you are going for a meshed cage, then the wire mesh should be drawn taught across the edges of the cage. It should not be loose anywhere. It should have an easy access without causing harm to the mesh structure. A mesh that can be zipped up is the most preferable option. These cages are very easy to assemble on your own. They can also be easily cleaned. Being lightweight, they can also be easily moved or carried to newer places. They are the most popular travel cages. Such cages are especially ideal for chameleons. They can also be used to expose other reptiles to the sun during some months of the year.

Alternatively you can opt for glass cages. These cages should have a secure locking top lid. Glass cages are more popular if you are going to place the cage where it will attract attention. These cages are used by most breeders and serious reptile-pets enthusiasts. You can easily replicate the natural terrain of the reptile in these glass cages. These cages come with many accessories like light bulbs to maintain the exact temperature and light conditions. In these cages, you can create natural-looking environment using real plants and also add water features. These are used for keeping crabs, small snakes, frogs and lizards. 

Then there are water land tubs. These are used mainly for amphibious pets. They are commonly used to keep turtles and tortoises. The terrain of these tubs is such that you can easily recreate their natural habitat.


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