Choosing Dog Collars

Let’s face it dogs are as unique as people. Each dog has his or her own temperament and personality. So it’s important to choose a collar that’s right for your dog. The leash you choose is an essential training tool. The collar you choose will help you better control your pet while in public. You’ll want to keep your dog’s safety front and center so always keep in mind the safety aspects to consider when choosing your dogs collar.

Most dog collars are safe, however, there are some that your pet should not wear all the time. For example nylon and leather collars are safe for you dog to wear whenever you desire. You should attach the collar so that your dog cannot get it off, but make sure you can put at least two fingers underneath the collar to ensure that the collar isn’t too tight.

Choke chains and slip collars are effective training tools for your pet. However, you’ll want to take your dog along with you when you choose this collar because if it doesn’t fit properly it could choke your pet.

Choosing a choke chain or slip collar will allow you to correct your dog by pulling on the leash this will tighten the collar and release it quickly. This motion tells your dog that he or she has done something wrong.

A popular choice in dog collars nowadays is a gentle leather. This type of collar allows the dog to do carry on with normal activities, but allow you to apply pressure to the back of his neck to correct him. This is a natural pressure for the dog; it is similar to the type of correction he would have gotten from his mother as a puppy.

If you choose the collar when your dog is a puppy you might have to buy several collars before he is fully-grown. After your dog is fully grown his collar should last longer, but you’ll always want to check the collar for wear and tear to make sure your dog isn’t able to escape from you.

To ensure your dogs safety make sure all collars fit him properly. You should never tie a dog up that is wearing a choke chain. This is very dangerous for your animal. When you are finished training your dog or walking him you should remove whatever collar you’ve put on and put a leather collar back on him for safety.


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