Find Bearded Dragon Supplies

Almost every home has a cat, dog, fish, turtle and so on.  Occasionally you will stumble across a home that has a bearded dragon.  More people are getting away from a cat or dog and are buying exotic animals as pets.  A bearded dragon is one.

Bearded dragons are becoming a popular household pet, because they are eye appealing and do not require a lot of work.  There is not an age limit on buying a bearded dragon.  The younger the dragon is, the better it will adapt to its owner and build a stronger bond.

Finding the proper bearded dragon supplies is very important.  You can find bearded dragon supplies at almost any local pet store.  Depending on the size of the dragon at the time you buy it, will determine some of the supplies that you will need at that time.

First thing to consider is the size of the tank.  It is recommended that you get a glass tank with a screen for the top cover.  The size of it is determined by the size of the dragon.  As the bearded dragon grows, so should your tank.  It definitely needs adequate space in order to move around.

Next a UV lighting lamp is important when purchasing bearded dragon supplies.  Bearded dragons need the heat from the lamps to help with their digestion process.  It is also a great addition, because bearded dragons love to lie around and bask in the heat.  It is like laying out in the sun on the beach for us. Along with the heat, the dragons will also need a part of the tank that is much cooler.  Plastic or real plants can aide in a cool spot in the tank. Too much heat or cold could be very harmful.

Last but not least, the dragon should not just walk on the glass.  Sand from a child’s sandbox, kitchen paper towels, or crushed seashells would be great for the dragon’s bedding.  All of these help with the absorption of the wastes that would be excreted by the dragon.  The paper towels would be easier to clean, but the sand would make the dragon feel more like they were in a natural environment.

The size of the tank, a heating lamp and bedding are three important bearded dragon supplies.  It is your decision what else you want to decorate the tank with, but just try to let be as natural as possible.




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