How To Build a Dog Kennel Modular

What is a kennel?  It is basically a caged-in space built for your dog. It allows your favorite pet to move freely and around a safe area, without resorting to burdensome chains and collars. It makes your dog feel at ease even he is confined in it. Simply put, it is a great place to leave your dog when you are going away for a while. Now, if you have a lot of dogs to look after, then, you should consider having a dog kennel modular. It is a series or a set of individual kennels designed to be used in an animal shelter, a veterinary office, or a common backyard. Here are some guidelines on how you can build your own modular dog kennel:

  • Prepare your lumber frames. You need to cut lumber pieces measuring 2” x 4”. They are going to be used in framing the top and the bottom structure of your kennel. Specifically, you need 12 10-foot long 2” x 4”’s and 12 5-foot long 2” x 4”’s.
  • Assemble your frame. Put together the cut pieces. Your goal is to form a cube out of them. You need four pieces of 4” x 4”’s for your corner posts. Start your assembly by using one of the 4” x 4”’s as foundation while the 2” x 4”’s to structure the top and the bottom parts. You may need to ask assistance here. Somebody has to keep the frame in upright position while it is being arranged. When you have formed the first corner post, insert the remaining 4” x 4”’s into the 5-foot long 2” x 4”’s. Each 4” x 4” should be positioned exactly 1’ and 7” away from each other. Collectively, they are going to provide a strong support to your kennel.
  • Set up your covering. Except for the provisions for the doors and the upper and lower portions, you should cover all the framed areas. You can use a chain link fencing. Use your wire cutters to properly fit the chain link. Meanwhile, use some screws and nails to secure the posts.
  • Work out your doors. You need to construct three frames. They should be two-dimensional. They should measure 9’ 11” x 3’. One side of your frame should be completely covered by a chain link fencing. Proceed to attach the hinge pieces. Drill the corresponding holes into the doors, both to the frames and the support posts. Again, you need the help of another person to keep the door in position while you are trying to affix the hinges. Since the door measurement is very specific, expect a gap, about half an inch, to separate the frame of the door from the frame of the kennel. Install the latch fixtures. Place them on the opposite side of the door and to the adjoining post. The latch features are going to allow you to conveniently fasten the door and guarantee safety for your pets.

Start building your dog kennel modular now.


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