How To Build a Doggie Door

There’s nothing more exhausting and disgusting than constantly cleaning up your furry house members’ excrement from the living room floor or from your favorite couch. A doggie door is just what you need in training pets to keep out of the house whatever must be kept out. It allows your pet easy entrance and exit without human assistance. Buying a doggie door can cost you much but building one yourself can save you a big amount of money. Building a good-quality but low-budget doggie door is easy. Here’s how.

  • Look for a perfect spot where your dog can conveniently enter and exit. You can build one from your door or your wall. A great spot would be an area where the dog can accessibly go to the backyard or the front entrance of the house.
  • Measure the dimension of the door. The door should be measured not exactly the size of your dog. Give the door a five-inch allowance to all sides so your dog will not have any bad experiences when entering or leaving the area.
  • Cut the necessary dimension from your wall/door. Check the electrical plan of your house before cutting to avoid damaging electrical wiring inside walls. Use a sharp saw to cut evenly.
  • Prepare the door. A doggie door comes in many varieties. It can be a plastic or a rubber door, an aluminum panel, a wooden or metal door, or it can also be the wall itself (but in most cases, plastic and wooden doors are more fitting and handy for your dog). Just take your pick and measure it in a manner that can be hinged into the wall. Make two doggie doors to prep your house for heavy rains and keep cold air from getting inside. Cut your selected material for the doggie dog using a saw, a cutter, or a pair of scissors. For wooden doors, make sure to have all sides and surfaces thoroughly sanded and freed from rough edges that may scratch your dog.
  • Construct a metal frame. This frame will be mounted first before attaching the doggie door to the wall. This serves as the foundation for the door’s firm attachment. Measure the frame, with the same height and width of the engraved wall and start cutting it.
  • Attach the frame. Fasten it up into the wall using a screw gun. Start screwing the frame from the inside, to all sides of the rectangular frame. Insert three screws on all angles: one on the left side, one at the middle, and one on the right side. Do the same for each side. Check for the frame’s compact and solid attachment to the wall.
  • Now attach the doggie door. Grab some finishing nails and start hammering the doggie door into the wall. Do not seal off the wall. Since you are building a doggie door, you will only have to attach one side of the doggie door. The door is typically a swinging door, but hinged on the top and not on the side.

So there it is! If you still have time and energy, you can paint and polish the doggie door for a little luxury for your pets.


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