How To Buy Chinchilla Cages

Chinchillas are furry little animals that belong to the family of Chinchillidae. Their native habitats are burrows or crevices in rocks. The name Chinchilla that means ‘little Chincha’ is derived from the Chincha people of Andes Mountains in the South America where these little animals originate. Today, many Chinchillas are brought to rescue centers shut in small cages and eventually die due to lack of proper care. If you happen to have a Chinchilla for a pet, whether you bought the animal from a pet shop or adopted it from a rescue center, know that it needs appropriate care and a safe sanctuary equipped with stuff purposely designed for its health and living pleasures. While you can build your own Chinchilla cage, many good homes are readily available at pet stores and online shops. Prior to making your purchase, consider the following tips.

  1. Go for a large chinchilla cage. Chinchillas may only be slightly larger than ground squirrels but if you know how they are in action, you will definitely understand the need to provide your Chinchilla a large decent cage. Chinchillas are bright little animals that easily get bored and are quite destructive. They like to climb and jump. They can actually jump up to six feet high. These little creatures enjoy moving around in more spacious cages. For this reason, the height is the most crucial dimension of the cage. Rest assured though that the bigger the cage, the happier your pet would be.
  2. Consider a cage with two or more platforms as well as a couple or more ladders. This type of cage will give the creature more space to move or hop around in. When kept in small cages for long periods, your little Chincha will get really bored and develop fur biting behavior as well as other repetitive manners.
  3. Find a cage that is equipped with wheels for easy moving, living space with removable tray for easy cleaning, feeder bowls, and more rooms for your pet’s bathing, bedding, and playing requirements.
  4. Ensure the building materials used for the cage are safe for your pet. Consider getting a wood cage although the most common is an all metal cage. If you are to get a metal cage, make sure the holes of the cage are small enough to keep your little Chincha’s feet from getting stuck.
  5. Provide a cage door where your pet can easily get in and out of in case it is okay for you to let your pet wander around the house. If that is not included in your plans, secure the locks of the cage.

When you already have a safe cage for your pet, make sure to provide its home with toys, as it needs plenty to keep him amused. Toys ideal for Chinchas are chew toys or those that will wear their teeth. A chinchilla’s teeth continually grow and will prevent the creature from eating in the event they are overgrown. Provide a hammock in the cage, as it is a proven fact that little Chinchas love sleeping on them. You can buy from readymade hammocks from pet supplies or create one especially for your pet.


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