How To Buy Designer Dog Beds

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a designer dog bed.

  1. What is the breed or size of your dog? This can make a difference in the type or style of bed selected. Some types are only made for small dogs while others are especially designed for large breeds.
  2. What is your budget? You can purchase a designer dog bed for as low as $30-$40 and up. Some celebrities spend thousands of dollars on designer snoozing spots for their pets.
  3. How does your dog like to sleep? Does he like to sleep curled up in a ball or stretched out on his side? Some dogs like to sleep in enclosed areas–for them, you can purchase a bed with a canopy or a tent. There are even beds shaped like a baby’s cradle.
  4. What will match your décor? Are you polar fleece, faux fur, velvet or denim? You want your designer doggie bed to match your décor and complement it, not stand out like a sore thumb. You can purchase beds that are framed in wrought iron, wood or upholstery. Look for something that will be attractive and blend with your current home furnishings.
  5. What are your space constraints? It will be hard to put a large square bed with a large frame, such as a canopy bed for your dog, into a small round space. There are a large variety of designer beds to choose from. Here are just a few of the shapes available: couch, round, square, raised, daybed, canopy bed, Victorian. There are many more shapes and sizes, some unique to the designer.
  6. Is the bed sturdy and well-built? You should look for quality and craftsmanship. Will the bed work for your dog? Consider how rough your dog will be on the bed. Does your pet like to chew or dig? If your pet likes to chew, look for something he will not chew apart and possibly swallow.
  7. How will you clean the bed? Do you want a bed you can wipe down or throw in the washing machine? Other options are hand-washing or dry cleaning. How much fuss do you want to put into cleaning the bed?
  8. Would your pet like to be warm in the winter or cool in the summer? Some companies give you the option of adding a heating or cooling pad.

You may find some designer dog beds in local pet shops or specialty stores. If not, they may be able to refer you to local pet bed designers. If you are looking for the best selection, check out some web sites. Go to your favorite search engine and plug in “designer dog bed” for a list of sites featuring many types of designer pet beds.


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