How To Buy Dog Beds

Picture of dog on the bed

Dog lovers all over the world would agree that the comfort of their pets is one of the most important things when owning a dog. To ensure this comfort, it is important for owners to buy the best dog beds they possibly can. To some, this might seem like a relatively easy task but the fact is, there are many different sizes, shapes and colors of dog beds to choose from.

The first item that needs to be decided on is whether or not your dog bed will be indoor or outdoor. There are dog beds that are not strictly for outside use, but work best for it.


  1. For an outside dog, it is important to keep the bedding options simple. This is especially true if you live in an area where the weather is constantly changing, including the winter season. For this type of climate and situation, it is best to get a simple pillow bed for your dog. These are among some of the most common dog beds. They are often a large rectangular bag, filled with cedar or pine chips, and then encased with a stylish cover. These beds are great for your outdoor dog because they will provide them with the necessary comfort and warmth that they need. Choosing a bed with cedar chips inside will also give your outdoor dog a more inviting smell, which we all know is sometimes an issue with an outdoor dog. These beds will also work for your indoor dog, although you may decide against them because of the smell.


  1. The classic pillow bed is similar to the above pillow bed but it is meant for indoor use only. This bed is often stuffed with white cotton stuffing, or even beans or pine chips. Classic pillow beds come in all shapes–round, oval, square–and even some more outrageous styles. They also come with a decorative cover so you can choose the design that you like best.
  2. The classic nest style bed is another option. These can be found in wicker with a pad on the bottom, or a foam or pillow option. Many dogs enjoy these beds because they enjoy the way that the sides surround them and give them a sense of comfort and safety.
  3. If you have a particularly sophisticated sense of style, and you value a dog bed that looks stylish in your home, you might consider one that looks like a couch! Yes, thats right, there are many dog beds that look like small pieces of furniture. While we might see celebrities spend thousands of dollars on a smaller replica of their own furniture, there are beds available simply made out of foam that are a lot more affordable. These beds are similar to the nest beds in the comfort that they provide to the dog, but they are a lot more stylish for your home.
  4. Another dog bed style is one that is a little more unconventional. These beds are raised and act almost like a hammock for your dog. In actuality these beds are free standing platforms that are square and raised anywhere from 4 to 6 inches off of the ground. They are made from durable canvas material that breathes and allows your dog to stay cool. They are great beds to take outside on a warm day. Most of these beds are nearly indestructible. These beds can also be used as a training device in obedience and agility training by becoming a sit/stay platform.
  5. One of the last choices is a dog crate. This is a metal or even plastic dog kennel of sorts. These are often viewed as an area of safety by your dog. Crates are often used as a training device for leaving your dog alone in a home, and they can double as a dog bed throughout the day and at night if your dog feels comfortable.

Some of these choices can also be enjoyed by your dog outdoors although not permanently. The hammock style and the crates can be used for outdoor use if they are brought indoors at the end of the day.

All of these choices have their perks, depending on price and your dog’s preferences. Dog beds can be found at just about any store that sells pet supplies. If you are just looking to browse, a great destination would be PetSmart. If you are looking for a more diverse selection, you might consider finding a smaller pet store in your area.

Good luck to you and your special dog in finding the right bed. Remember, you wouldn’t just buy yourself any old bed, so research your dog’s bed like you would your own.


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