How To Buy Dog Care Products

Owning a dog is a tremendous responsibility. In addition to the expense of food and medical attention, there are a number of other types of products required by dogs for them to live healthy and happy lives. This article will provide a list of the types of dog care products available and will also provide information for shopping for and purchasing these dog care products. The following is a sample of the types of products you can expect to purchase for your dog:

  1. Water and food dishes. These dishes should be an appropriate size for your dog as a full-grown adult but you may wish to purchase smaller bowls for while he is a puppy.
  2. Grooming items. Most dogs need to be brushed regularly. Long-haired dogs may require more grooming attention than short-haired dogs. Other grooming items you may wish to purchase may include clippers designed to clip a dog’s nails. Clipping your dog’s nails is not difficult but it can be a little tricky especially if your dog has black nails. The quick is not readily visible on a dog that has black nails so it can be difficult to know how much to clip without cutting the quick. It is best to proceed cautiously when clipping black nails and clip only a small amount of nail at a time. If you inadvertently clip the quick, there will be some bleeding. You can use commercially available products to stop the bleeding. However, your veterinarian or groomer can clip your dog’s nails for you if you are not comfortable doing so.
  3. Cleaning materials. This includes shampoos and conditioners, and if necessary, ear cleaning solutions and even products for teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning products may include special pastes designed specifically for dogs along with toothbrushes, chew toys designed to remove plaque from the teeth, or bones or biscuits which promote chewing and help to keep the teeth clean.
  4. Dog beds. Dog beds are also very useful to provide the dog with a place of his very own. Dogs who have their own beds are less likely to jump on furniture but even if you allow your dog on the furniture, most dogs enjoy having a bed of their own.
  5. Dog crates. Crates are ideal for potty training and many puppies and older dogs enjoy having a crate to retreat to when they are tired or do not want to play.
  6. Dog toys. Toys which keep a dog physically and mentally stimulated are also important for when you are away. Having an assortment of toys will keep your dog from resorting to destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture or digging holes while you are not home.

  7. Other dog care products. Dog care products for taking walks such as collars, leashes and poop bags are also a necessity. Dogs love their daily walks and are safest when they are taken for walks on leash as opposed to off leash. Also consider what you’ll be doing with your dog. If you plan on taking your dog camping on a regular basis, you may need to buy specialized products, such as glow sticks for the dark nights or a doggie pack so he can carry his own food and water on hikes.

Purchasing dog care products is extremely easy. In addition to large pet-related chain stores which are available nationwide and online, there are also many individually owned pet supply stores offering a wide variety of dog-related items. The following steps are useful when shopping for dog care products:

  1. Do some research about the types of products you need before going to a dog supply store. This way, you will purchase what you need without feeling overwhelmed by the number of products available.
  • Most stores will have several similar items for you to choose from so it is important to compare price and quality carefully. This will help to keep you from spending too much or purchasing a poorly made item.
  • When shopping for items such as crates and dog beds, carefully consider the size of your dog. You will want to purchase the items so they are big enough for your dog to be comfortable but not so big that they are overwhelming. For example, a crate is big enough for your dog when he can stand up in it, turn around in it, and also lie down in it.
  • If you are unsure about a particular item while shopping for dog care products, be sure to ask one of the sales representatives. They are typically quite knowledgeable about the items, as well as dogs in general, and will likely be able to provide helpful answers to your questions.
  • Finally, have some fun when shopping for toys and accessories for your dog. Most dogs have distinctive personalities and purchasing toys, collars and leashes to reflect this style will help others to see your dog’s unique personality.

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