How To Buy Dog Toys that are Safe and Durable

Pet toys are a multi million dollar industry. There are many varieties out there, manufactured to entertain your beloved furry friend. When choosing a toy for your pet dog, the selection can be overwhelming. The number one consideration when buying for your pet dog is his safety. Also, you want to find a toy that will withstand hours of rough play and chewing. Here’s a guide to help you buy toy dogs that are safe and durable.

  • Consider your dog’s size. Some toys may be too small for your dog. Make sure it’s not so small that the item can get lodged in your dog’s throat. Before buying an item, read the product specifications and make sure it is appropriate for the breed and size of your dog. For example, some toy rawhide bones may not be appropriate for small toy dogs such as terriers and Chihuahuas because it has parts that can break off into small shards that get lodged in their intestines or cause choking.
  • Check the material. Chew toys are the most popular dog toys. However, you must ensure that the material is puncture proof. This means it should be made from several layers of a sturdy material such as PVC or denier nylon. A good sturdy toy would be a Kong Toy, Wubba or Everlast Treat Ball.
  • Check for detachable parts. Any squeakers, bells or other things that make the toy make noise or light up should be safely tucked inside the toy. It should be covered in layers of nylon or other durable material so that toy cannot be shredded into bit to get to the fun center. This is why stuffed toys don’t make good dog toys since the material can easily be shredded by the dog’s canine teeth. The best toys are made of one solid piece, or are sewn or fused together into one unbreakable chunk. See what happens when you try t pull it apart at the store. It should have a give but retract back to its original shape.
  • Make sure it’s machine washable or dishwasher safe. If it is, chances are, it’s durable enough for your dog to chew on without parts coming off. Also, it will be easier for you to regularly clean and disinfect for your beloved pet.
  • Read what the experts have to say. Dog magazines and websites dedicated to pet owners will have reviews of products they have tried and tested. You can also ask your vet and other pet owners their experience of specific toys. Don’t let the salespeople at the pet store sway you, or let the colorful packaging of the toy compel you to buy. Make an informed choice before taking out your wallet and learn about the product before you hand it over to your dog.

Be careful in selecting the proper toy for your dog. If you find one he really likes, you may want to get an extra one so you have a spare in case the other one gets lost. When you take the time to carefully select a safe a durable toy, you have the peace of mind knowing your beloved canine will have many hours of play fun with it.


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