How To Buy Pet Leashes and Collars

Leashes and collars are necessary things pet owners must buy for their dogs. Some pet owners do away with them. But the leash is effective when they want to train the dog to become very domesticated or when they want to keep the dog safe and secure in just one part of the house outdoors.  The leash is used for walking the dog, so that it gets its daily exercise. The collar, on the other hand, is where the leash is clipped. The collar must also be clipped with the dog’s information, in case it gets lost.

If you are thinking of getting a pet dog, you must get them the leash and collar, too. Here are some important tips you must consider before buying your pet’s leashes and collars:

  1. First, take the measurements and note the size of your dog before get him these. Take note to get a collar that allows for some adjustments, so that your pet can grow into it. When putting the collar around the neck, you don’t have to keep it tight, as this would be very uncomfortable for the dog. Make sure that there is at least some room left, about two fingers wide, around the neck.
  2. Leashes and collars are available at a variety of sources. You can get them at pet stores and at pet sections at the grocery or the hardware and home specialty store.
  3. Leashes and collars come in many styles and designs. They come in different sizes and are also made of different materials such as nylon, PVC, canvas and steel. Look into each of the types carefully. As a general rule, you have to pick a leash that is strong and durable as dogs are sometimes able to pull away from it or chew it till it breaks.
  4. You must also pick a leash depending on what your dog’s size is and how active it is. If you use a thinner one for a Labrador, for example, you can most likely expect the cord breaking in just a few minutes. Thinner cords may look better and work for a small dog, but also consider how active it is. If it moves around a lot and chews on it, you might be better off getting a thinner leash made of steel, instead.
  5. Also check the handle of the cord. If you will be walking your dog using this leash, you must also be able to hold it comfortably. If the handle is not very comfortable, then the leash would be pretty useless.
  6. There are also retractable leashes available. It works to adjust how short or long the cords must be when you want to take your dog out for a walk. Be careful when using a retractable leash, though, and make sure that the lock has been secured so that you won’t accidentally pull your dog with it and choke it.
  7. If you and your dog are city dwellers, shorter leashes are recommended. People do not want dogs wandering far about the streets. Those living in the suburbs, on the other hand, can afford the longer leash. Dogs will be able to enjoy their space, such as the backyard, even more if the leash you provide is longer.


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