How To Buy Pet Medication

We would do anything for our pets. But they sure can be expensive at times! Save a few dollars the next time your pet needs extra care by buying your pet’s medication away from your vet’s office. Here’s how you can buy your own pet medication without having to deal with jacked up prices.

Step 1

Call 1-800-PET-MEDS. The easiest way to buy pet meds is to call 1-800-PET MEDS. You can get the medications that your veterinarian would prescribe for your pets at a fraction of the cost that your veterinarian would charge. You may have seen this company advertising its services on television as well. Rest assured that they’ve got a great reputation and sell quality pet medications. Have a credit card handy and you’ll receive your pet medication within a few days or ordering.

Step 2

Look online. There are thousands of outlets online that sell pet medication. Purchase your pet’s pills from a website by first doing a quick search for ‘pet medication’. Compare a few different websites to see who offers the best pricing. Remember to take shipping cost and shipping time into considering when you buy your pet medication online. Some websites may seem to offer great deals on pet meds, but it may turn out that you pay more than you expected. Be a conscious pet med shopper by doing your research first. Here are a few sites to try in your search for pet medications online:

Step 3

Check your local pet stores. A lot of basic pet medications can be purchased in your local pet store. If you pet has fleas and needs a flea wash or pill treatment, look at pet stores and even big box stores like Wal-Mart. As well, things like hairballs and shedding can often be controlled with pet medications purchased at your local pet store. Just keep in mind that the strength of these medications may not be as strong as the medications your veterinarian may provide. Inquire about dosage before opting for store-bought pet meds.

Before you give your pet any medication, be sure to consult with your veterinarian. Read the ingredients on the label and do some research to see if the medication has any harmful side effects. As well, consider any allergies or special needs that your pet may have before purchasing medication. Getting a great deal on pet meds isn’t worth it if the medications lead to more problems. Treat your pet like the family member that it is and ensure that the pet medications you purchase are suitable and healthy for your pet.


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