How To Care for a Pacman Frog

The Argentine horned frog is more popularly known as the “Pacman frog” due to its large mouth. It is endemic in South America and despite its reputation as a voracious eater, the Pacman frog doesn’t really eat that often. When it does eat though, the Pacman frog would definitely eat a lot and make the meal worth every ounce of effort.

Since the Pacman frog is used to a totally different locale, you really have to exert the effort to make it feel comfortable in your home. It is clearly not the most conventional pet and saying that is quite a massive understatement! Here’s how you can take care of your Pacman frog in the best way possible:

  1. Set up an aquarium that would be the Pacman frog’s home. Since they live in wet environments that is close to the bodies of water such as swamps and rivers, it would be good to replicate the feel of that place by putting river rocks at the bottom of the aquarium. Pour water to a level that would submerge a third of the frog’s body. You may add fake plants and foliage so that the frog would have somewhere to hide. It still has natural instincts after all.
  2. Feed it the right food. The Pacman frog literally bites off more than it could chew. There have been reported cases in the wild of Pacman frogs dying because they tried to eat something that was just too big compared to their body size. Use small mice legs to feed the little frogs, bugs and grasshoppers for the medium sized ones and full fledged mice for the really big Pacmans. Giving something bigger than what they can handle can be fatal for the frogs so be careful. Remember that they are living things as well – not just some random freak animal that needs to be watched when you’re bored.
  3. Feed the frog about once a week. Yes, they don’t eat a lot but once you think about it, they really eat a lot in one serving. Since they are cold blooded, their body takes longer to metabolize and digest what they ate.
  4. Clean the aquarium once every seven to ten days. The frog would pass feces and urine about once in this time period due to the very slow metabolic processes that it has. This would also keep the smell from the aquarium from getting out of control. You wouldn’t want the frog to be stinking up your entire room or house.
  5. Never try to put another frog in the same aquarium. These frogs are very territorial and they would actually attempt to eat anything that moves inside the aquarium. Putting another frog in the same aquarium would end in cannibalism wherein both frogs can die.

A Pacman frog is one very exciting and interesting pet to own. Just make sure that you follow these steps so that you can give it the care that it needs. Make it feel at home and keep it well fed.


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