How To Care for a Teacup Maltese

Maltese dog is a part of the “toy dogs” breed. A standard Maltese dog is already small; the weight range is about 4 – 8 pounds. However, a new trend now is to sell what is called a Teacup Maltese. This kind of dog is even smaller than the standard Maltese.

Extra care is required if you have a Teacup Maltese because of its size. Below are a few things to remember when caring for this dog.

  1. Take your Teacup Maltese out for a walk as often as your schedule permits. This way, he will not become bored especially if your home is not spacious. Make sure he is one a leash so you know where he is all the time.
  2. Train your pet. Potty training is quite challenging because it is said that the Maltese as a breed is difficult to housetrain. Be patient and consistent. Basic obedience training is also a must. Other forms of training he needs are crate, leash and collar training.
  3. Groom your Teacup Maltese properly. His long coat needs to be brushed every day with a steel-tooth comb or a pin brush. Make sure to remove the matted fur. You can tie the hair on his head to keep it away from his eyes. Otherwise, trim the hair. Bathe him when needed with a good quality shampoo and conditioner for long white hair. Wrap him in a towel after bathing then blow dry his hair. Keep his nails short. Clean his ears as well as around his eyes. Good dental care is necessary as well. Brush the teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs. Check for signs of tartar build-up, bad breath or unhealthy gums.
  4. Schedule visits to the vet often. Since the Teacup Maltese dog is not a regular breed, he will need to see the veterinarian more often for checkups. Because of his, he may be more prone to heart and lung problems and other organ related medical issues. Make sure that he is not undernourished. Look for signs like general weakness, watery stools and shallow breathing. Bring your Teacup Maltese to the vet immediately if you see these signs.
  5. Watch where you walk. Be careful and look where you are going so you don’t trip over the dog, much less step on him. This smaller version of the regular Maltese has frail bones. You can easily cause injury to him or even cause his death.
  6. Do not encourage your Teacup Maltese to jump down from high places. Instead, provide your dog with a ramp or steps going up and down high places.
  7. Keep him away from small children. No matter how many times you explain to a small child that your Teacup Maltese needs extra gentle care, due to excitement or clumsiness, children can gravely injure your pet.

The Teacup Maltese is not really endorsed by top canine associations in the US and UK since it is merely a description of the size of the Maltese. There has been talk of unethical breeding of tiny dogs by irresponsible breeders. Whether the dog you have has been unethically bred or he is simply the runt of his litter, your Teacup Maltese needs all the tender loving care you can give him. Be gentle with him and remember that no matter what how big or small he is your pet should be treated as a part of your family.


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