How To Catch a Gerbil on the Loose

Looking for a pet gerbil that has escaped its cage is not an easy job. The good news is, you can set up a trap so that you can easily catch your gerbil that is on the loose. All you need to do is to collect a few materials that you will use for you trap. You may already have some or all of the items that you will need at home. If you want to catch your gerbil, you can make this trap. Just remember that it takes patience to catch a little creature like this.

Here are the steps on how you can catch your gerbil on the loose:

  1. Materials. Collect the materials that you need to make the trap. The items that you need are a tall jar with a lid on it and gerbil food. If you do not have a long jar, you can use the plastic tubing that your gerbil uses inside the cage. You will need to close out the other end of the tube. You can use a cardboard to do this. Leave the other end open.
  2. Preparation. Put your container or the plastic tubing in a corner where you plan to capture the gerbil. Make sure to close the door inside the room where you are so that the gerbil does not escape to another room. Now, spread the gerbil near the opening of the container or the tubing and leave a trail going towards the end of the container or the tube. This will be your lure for the gerbil.
  3. Wait for the gerbil. Now, the next thing that you have to do is to wait for the gerbil to go to the food. This may take a while. While you are waiting, it is important that you not make any sudden movements or noises as this may startle the gerbil. When you spot the gerbil going into the container or the plastic tubing, wait until he gets to the middle part or near the other end so that you have more time to cover the opening before the gerbil tries to escape. When the gerbil is already in the container, close and secure it before you lift the container off the ground and return the gerbil to its cage.

These are the simple steps on how you can catch a gerbil that is on the loose. You will need some patience when you do this. If you have pets like cats or dogs in your house, you must try to capture the gerbil as soon as possible as your pets may catch the gerbil and kill it.

Another thing to remember is don’t go looking for the gerbil when it does not come out the first few minutes of waiting. Gerbils will come out as they are adventurous and curious creatures. They are not like mice or rats that hide from humans. They will eventually pass by the food trail that you prepared and eat the food that you have set out for them.


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