How To Choose a Pet Rat Cage

Rats are friendly and can also be great pets. Because they are tiny, they are easy to take care of and have very little demands. What’s essential is for them to be provided with food and a comfortable shelter. However, finding the right cage for your pet rat is very important and should be properly planned out. Remember, they will be staying there their whole lifetime (2-3 years) so it is best to choose the right one to keep them happy and satisfied. Choosing a rat cage should be done in consideration with all the internal and external factors that will affect your pet’s living condition. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider to get the perfect cage for your pet:

The rat family Before getting a cage, you need to consider how many pet rats will be living inside the cage? This will give you an idea on the right size of cage that you need to get. Remember, rats love going around so you need to provide them ample space to run around freely. You also need to consider that you will be providing your pet some toys later on so you need to consider providing space for those as well. You also need to know that the rats breed easily and can multiply at anytime. If you intend for your pet to breed, then you will need a bigger cage to accommodate the new members.

In or out In choosing for the best cage for your pet, you need to finalize if you will be placing the cage inside or outside of your house. Although it is safer to place it inside the house (if there are no cats or dogs around), it is also possible to place the cage outdoor. However, if you decide to place it outside, then you need to consider the temperature outside. You also need to secure the area to ensure that they will not be eaten as prey by other bigger animals. You will also need to check for cages specifically suited for outdoors.

Size matters The size of the area where you will be placing the cage matters a lot and should definitely be considered. The height and width should be measured precisely for you to get an idea on the maximum size of cage you can get. However, if you will be constantly moving the cage from one area to another, then you can get the right size based on the number of pet rats you have. You should also choose the cage with wheels so it will be easier for you to transfer them to another location.

Quality Check the quality of the cage and see how it’s made. Make sure that the cage is made in good material so that your pet will be secured inside. You also need to check if the cage is sealed well. Remember, rats can jump really well and if the cage is not sealed properly, then they can easily escape from it. The cage should also be made out of material that your pet will not be able to chew on easily.


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