How To Choose a Squirrel Feeder

Squirrels are charming furry little creatures. The mere mention of which reminds kids and kids at heart, of the memory of Alvin and the Chipmunks. True to the movie, the squirrels are known to be skillful and persistent. They are also known for digging flower beds to bury nuts or to look for buried nuts to chew. Due to the fact that their teeth are constantly growing there is a need for them chew on a lot of things to keep it from over-growth and to keep the teeth sharp. As such, they are considered to be pesky pests for chewing on food and things, edible or inedible alike. They are not only considered a pest by most people, if birds can talk they will most likely tell us that these hairy medium sized, rodents relatives are a pest to them as well. This is because squirrels are also legendary for eating from bird feeders. But other than their constant need to eat and chew, there is really nothing harmful from these cute little balls of fur.

Studies show that squirrels, like most animals, are also territorial. In that case, they can be taught not to eat from the bird feeder. If you feed them in the same place all the time, they will learn to leave alone the bird feeder. Although it is not recommended to feed the said animals by hand, you can certainly get them a squirrel feeder.

Nowadays, squirrel feeders come in different shapes and forms. If you are not choosy with the design, you can then settle for a plain design that looks like a drawer with an extended board for the squirrel to sit on. You may want to choose one that’s made out of metal instead of wood. In the event that you forgot to refill the feeder, the squirrels might decide on chewing the feeder instead. If this is the one you decide on, don’t forget to get the ones that come with copper edges. If you want your squirrel feeder to also serve as a decoration aside from a way of keeping the squirrels away from your bird feeder, you can choose from a variety of creative designs out there.

Companies are even offering designs that are totally wacky and highly entertaining for us. Some designs require a lot of effort on the part of the squirrel, in which case it could also be healthy on the part of the squirrel since it enables it to exercise. An example of which is the Ferris wheel-looking feeder that is made up of 5 metal skewers that is held together by a hard round center. You can use the skewers to hang the corncob, making the squirrels happy for your generosity, while giving you and your family a good laugh as you watch the squirrel make its way to get its much desired and in this case, deserved reward.

For other interesting squirrel feeders, get in touch with your local pet store.


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