How To Decide on an Invisible Fence

Keeping your dog safe when outdoors should be one of your top priorities as a pet owner. An invisible fence can be used to set boundaries or keep your pets in your yard. An invisible fence can be a great solution for many dog owners, but it is not perfect. Before deciding on an invisible fence, consider all of your possibilities. Only install an invisible fence if you’re sure that it is right for your situation. Here’s how to decide on an invisible fence:

  1. Understand its capabilities. An invisible fence will keep your dog in your yard, but it won’t keep neighbors’ pets out. The invisible fence only works on pets who have the special collar with a receiver. Some types of invisible fencing can be used to set a specific perimeter through burying wires underground, while others will stop your dog when he goes a certain distance from the transmitter, which wirelessly stops him from going any further.
  2. Know that an invisible fence is electrical. This has several implications. First of all, thunderstorms, garage door openers, and other outside factors can occasionally set off your dog’s collar. Also, the invisible fence won’t work during a power outage or if the batteries are dead. Some pet owners also dislike the idea of using a mild electrical shock to keep their pets on their property. If you feel this way, then an invisible fence is probably not right for you.
  3. An invisible fence is not right for all dogs. This type of fence cannot be used on puppies younger than six months because it can hurt them. Also, some dogs simply will not respond to the slight shock of an invisible fence, and will go right through it.
  4. Consider the alternatives. Before you decide on an invisible fence, consider alternatives such as old-fashioned fencing, including wood, brick, stone, or chain-link, to keep your dog in your yard.
  5. What type of invisible fence? Once you’ve decided on an invisible fence, there are still several options to consider. You can place the invisible fencing anywhere on your property. Are there areas where you don’t want your dog to go? Some types of invisible fencing are wireless, while others are buried underground. Consider the pros and cons of each before you decide on an invisible fence type.

Invisible fences are the right choice for many pet owners, but it’s important to investigate all of your options before choosing to install one.



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