How To Design & Build a Rabbit Hutch

Taking care of rabbits also means providing them with shelter. In this case, letting them run lose in your house will not do. You have to build a rabbit hutch where they can stay. Designing and building a rabbit hutch does not require special skills in carpentry. A rabbit hutch does not need to have a very complicated design. You just have to make sure that it will provide the comfort that your furry little pets need.
Here are the steps that you should follow in designing and building a rabbit hutch:

  • Determine the size of the hutch needed by your pets. Before you attempt to design and build your pets’ hutch, you must first determine the exact size that your rabbits will need. A small hutch will do for one or two rabbits. However, a small hutch will not be ideal for four or five rabbits. Your pets must be able to run around their hutch without bumping into each other. It must also make room for their food and water. If you plan to install things inside the hutch, then you must make sure that the size of the shelter will accommodate all them. Look for an area in your house where you plan to place the hutch and take measurements. Make sure to note down the measurements that you took in a piece of paper.
  • Plan the design of the hutch. After knowing the size of the hutch, you can move on to the fun part, which is drawing the design of your rabbit’s shelter. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and look for a quiet place where you can work. Draw an initial draft of the hutch. You do not have to make it complicated, especially if you do not have experience in carpentry. You must remember to take into consideration your skill in carpentry when you design your hutch.
  • Buy the things that you need. In order to build a hutch, you need to gather all the materials that you need. Make a list of all the materials that you need for this project. After doing this, you can go to your local hardware store to buy the things that you need. Make sure to bring the draft of the hutch and the measurements that you took so you can give them to the person who will attend to you. Remember to make allowances for each material to make sure you always have a spare, and to avoid going back to the hardware store whenever you run out of materials to use.
  • Build the hutch. Look for a place where you can build the hutch. If you want to, and if the area permits it, you might be able to work on the area where you wish to place the hutch once you finish it. Gather all the materials and place them in your work area to avoid unnecessary movements that come with going to your tool shed to get what you need. Start building the rabbit’s hutch. Do this with care in order to avoid injuries. After building the hutch, test its strength.

The hutch that you build will not only serve as your pets’ home. It will also serve as their protection from the harsh weather. Taking your time to ensure that your pets get as much protection as possible will help in ensuring that your furry friends will have long and healthy lives.


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