How To Exercise Your Rabbit

Image of a rabbit

Thinking of getting a new pet but you are unsure whether you’re a dog or cat person? Maybe a goldfish then? Why not try something different? Okay maybe not a scorpion, cobra or jellyfish. Something smaller, but nothing that you could accidentally lose in all the clutter. Something adorable and cute that your kids could fall in love with. Hmmm. If you want a pet, try owning a rabbit.

More and more people are acquiring rabbits as pets. They can be domesticated easily as they are not difficult to handle and are actually very tame. In fact, they even possess the same socialization skills as dogs and cats, as over time they can integrate themselves within a family. Rabbits possess their own unique limitations and advantages but on the whole, they do make excellent pets.

Just like pet dogs and cats, rabbits need exercise to survive. The animal must not be caged all day as it will lead a miserable existence and lack any will to survive. Cooped up and confined, it will not be allowed to grow properly. You may not be able to run with it like a dog but here are tips on how to exercise your rabbit.

Play area. Allocate a large enough area for the rabbit to run around in. It will spend a lot of time here exploring his surroundings. Make sure that this area is predator proof and escape proof. You must be able to view the pen easily, as the rabbit needs to be monitored at all times. You want to give it some freedom but don’t let it completely out of sight. It will spend around 4-5 hours each day in this pen moving about. Make it the best pen it can be.

Build a little world. The rabbit’s pen should have a lot of objects and things that it can use. Use boxes, old boots and other discarded items. The rabbit can use these objects to jump off, bury in the sand and play with. These things will keep him interested and entertained.

Sandbox. Some rabbits like to dig. If your pet has affinity for digging, prepare a little sandbox for him to dig around him. Rabbits have an instinct to burrow as they are prey animals and naturally turn to the ground to seek safety. This will prepare it if   it somehow gets caught in the wild.

One-on-one interaction. Bond with your pet. Your rabbit needs love and affection too. Playing with it is still the best way to ensure that your rabbit gets the proper exercise it needs and at the same time, you’re increasing its familiarity with you.

Though very different from dogs and cats, rabbits still need you to care for it. Making sure that your pet rabbit gets the proper amount of exercise is not an easy task and requires you to be vigilant yet loving. Treat your rabbit well and it will become as loyal to you as any other pet.


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