How To Install Pet Ramps

A pet ramp helps your pets in going up and down any hard-to-climb areas like stairs and into bed at your home, your car, or even the pool area. Installing pet ramps is also highly recommended by veterinarians to help pets suffering from any physical disability.

A wide variety of pet ramps are available in the market, and you need to be careful in choosing. There are factors to consider in getting the pet ramp that suits your needs. Here are some guidelines to help you:

  • Identify a location for your pet ramp. Come up with a list of areas where you need to install your pet ramp. It is best to include all areas your pet regularly visits. Remember, pet ramps should make it more convenient for your pet in going up and down any hard to climb areas, so you need to focus on areas that are difficult for them to pass through.

    In choosing the right location for your pet ramp, you should also consult with the other members of the household. The pet ramps should only be installed in areas where they will not cause any inconvenience. If necessary, you can choose temporary pet ramps that you can use only when needed, for areas that may not be suitable for installing permanent pet ramps.

  • Choose the right pet ramp. Your target installation areas will provide you an idea of what kind of pet ramps you need. In choosing, you should first come up with a list before visiting a store. Below are some of the factors you need to consider in choosing the best ramp:
    • Assess how many pets will be using the ramp. The width of the ramp should be able to accommodate the size of your biggest pet.
    • Measure the location where you will be installing a permanent pet ramp. The size of the pet ramp should fit the areas where you will be installing it.
    • The ramp should be able to support the weight of your biggest pet.
    • Identify how many ramps you need to install. Remember, there are retractable pet ramps available, which you can use only when necessary, so you don’t need to install permanent pet ramps in all the areas you listed.
  • Install your pet ramp with caution. The permanent pet ramps should be installed properly. Most of the pet ramps available from retail stores have all the materials needed for installation. However, if these guides are not available, you need to identify how many screws are needed to install the pet ramp permanently. The screws and bolts that you need will depend on the type of material you will be screwing it into. The hardware store should be able to provide you an idea of what should be used to securely attach the pet ramp in the desired location. You also need to use the right tools to install the pet ramp.

Remember, pets are also part of the family, and you should continuously look for ways to make living in your home more comfortable for them. So, if you think it is necessary to install pet ramps in your home, then go for it.


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