How To Keep Odors to a Minimum with a Ferret

When looking into keeping a ferret, you may be wondering before purchasing the pet if it is possible to keep the animal from smelling badly over time. Or if you currently keep ferrets maybe you need help learning how to overcome and keep the odors to a minimum? Ferrets can have very strong odors, especially when housing more than one ferret. If odors are not controlled, there can be several potential health risks for people who live in the homes, along with the ferrets themselves. This article will help you learn how to keep your little ferret friends smelling fresh and clean.

Why do ferrets smell bad?

Ferrets are born with scent glands much like skunks and weasels. Although it is very uncommon to find a ferret that still has its scent glands, it is not an impossible issue to run into. Having scent glands removed is a safe and often used procedure on ferrets which is often performed in infancy, and actually safer to get done at a younger age. All your ferrets you should always make sure are de-scented before purchasing. Or if you must purchase a ferret which is not de-scented, get the animal the surgery right away, as it can pose a serious health threat to your household.

Why do de-scented ferrets still smell?

Although a ferret has had its scent glands removed, we cannot stop other chemicals that function in a ferret’s body. The scent cannot be 100% removed, but is significantly to almost completely remove. A ferret’s scent after being treated for de-scenting can have simple care instructions when it comes to eliminating a ferret odor completely.

How to make my ferret smell nice?

The number one important fact in curing a ferret smell is good hygiene. Ferrets just like any other animal need their cage cleaned daily with fresh food and water. Vitamin supplements will help your ferret stay healthy. A healthy happy ferret will be less likely to smell then a sick ferret.

You should also bathe your ferret frequently. If you are afraid to bathe your ferret due to scratching, it is safe to clip a ferret’s toe nails just as it is to clip a dog or cats nails, being careful not to nip the blood veins. There are many shampoos for ferrets that will help keep their coats nice while also helping with odor control. The most common product is ferret sheen shampoo.

Also, if all else fails and there is still a faint smell of ferret lingering in the cage, or on your ferret, there are also ferret safe perfumes designed specifically for this purpose that can be found at almost any pet store which carries ferret supplies.

What if I have tried everything and my ferret still smells?

Consider seeing the vet, the smell could in fact be something much more than just a scent and your ferret could need immediate emergency attention if the smell is strong or very bad.


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