How To Knit Dog Booties

Dogs are man’s best friends. Because dogs protect their masters one way or another, it is also right that they get full attention from their owners. In times of cold weather, dogs need booties to keep them warm just as human beings need boots and jackets. However, some commercial booties are not beautifully done so people tend to customize their own booties for their dogs.

Here are some steps and tips you can consider so you can knit a pair of beautiful dog booties.

  • Use a pair of gloves for your dog’s booties. It will require a little work since you will knit the ends of it and make a lock too to make the booties fit the paws. You will only use the fingers of the gloves. Each finger will be used for each leg but the booties would be more attractive if they have equal lengths. Customize the ends of the booties by knitting stylish designs and utilizing colorful threads.
  • Use baby booties. If you have spare baby booties, you can use them for your dogs. You may also knit your own style of baby booties using attractive colors. By knitting the booties, you will surely see the best result especially that you will be able to fit your creation for a precise fit.
  • Go to a pet shop and purchase a pair of ready-made booties for dogs. You will only use them as your template when you start knitting the booties. Be creative and choose the colors that will complement the color of your dog or colors that will emphasize both the dog and your creation.
  • Use Velcro as it helps get your booties tight and stay fit. A knitted booty can provide warmth to your pet but when the stitches aren’t too tight, there will still be small holes where cold air passes through. To aid this possibility, use Velcro to make the paws of your pet dog warm and covered. This material will help tighten the booties around the ankle.
  • Consider the temperature in your area when making your dog’s booties. It is important that you know how cold your place will be during the winter so you can estimate the thickness of your booties. If your dog will only stay indoors, the temperature isn’t that cold especially if you have a heater so you will only use light materials. But if you stroll outdoors, you need materials that will protect your dog from the cold weather.
  • Determine the purpose. If the booties are for walking outdoors, design them just like a pair of boots. The length should be long enough to cover the thighs all the way up and the sole should be made of thin rubber so it won’t be easily ripped off. You can continue to knit the booties but a good alternative would be a denim material.

Remember that knitting dog booties requires patience. You must also be creative when you knit them and be resourceful especially on the materials that you are going to use. Make as many booties as you can so you will have extra sets for your dogs depending on which activity your dogs will do.


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