How To Make a Braided Dog Rope

If your dog has a bad chewing behavior, you probably know how it feels to look at a dog-ripped shirt, shoes, or sofa. It’s frustrating. But you can end your problem by giving your dog a toy rope. Instead of chewing on your favorite things, the dog will instead channel his energy on the toy rope and nibble on it for as long as he wants. But because it will only end being chewed on and torn apart, it is much more practical if you make your own toy rope than buy one. The procedure is rather straightforward. And in no time, you will have a toy rope that will help address your pet’s bad chewing behavior. Here’s how you can make one.

  • Collect scrap fabrics. The fabrics should be soft, so they won’t hurt the dog when he chews on the rope. Best if you can use fleece. But if it is not available, you can make do with cotton or towel scraps. You need to have three strips of fabric that have the same length and width. But if you happen to have short fabrics, you can tie them together to make long strips.
  • Decide on the size of the rope. Keep in mind that the rope size will be determined by your dog size. A short, thin rope is ideal for a small dog. A slightly longer and thicker one will be good for a large dog. But whether you choose to make a short or long rope, remember to add braiding allowance to the total rope measurement. The allowance should be as long as the rope itself.
  • Join the three strips together. First make sure that your strips are of different colors. This will make the toy rope more visually interesting. Then put the strips together, their ends tied in a knot. Pull the knot to make sure that it is tight. If the knot is somewhat loose, it will come undone with just a slight pulling from the dog.
  • Start braiding. Braiding is best done if you are seated. Put the knot in between the knees and pull the strips toward you. Then get the strip at the center and bring it to the left, crossing over the left strip. The left strip should now be pulled to the right, and the right strip to the center. Continue braiding this way, making sure to pull the strands taut as you go along. This will ensure that the braid is tight and firm.
  • Knot the end of the rope. Stop braiding when you are already three inches from the rope’s end. Make a knot at this point to lock the braid. Best if you make two knots to make sure the rope won’t unravel when your dog plays with it. Stretch your rope one last time. And you’re done!

If you have extra fabrics, consider making one or two more toy ropes. So in case the rope gets torn apart earlier than expected, you have ready ropes to give your dog. This, in the end, will save your clothes, shoes, sofa, and other household items from being unmercifully chewed on.


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