How To Make a Dog Bed

Puppy on his bed

Are you tired of your dog sleeping on your bed? Is your dog’s old bed looking a little worn out? A dog bed is a quick and easy sewing project. It’s a great way to create the perfect bed for your pet, in any style or color you like.

Here’s how to make a dog bed:

Materials and supplies:

  • Several pillows or old couch cushions (or stuffing from the fabric store)
  • Thick upholstery fabric
  • Long zipper
  • Swing machine
  • Thread that matches the fabric
  1. Buy enough fabric. The size of the dog bed is dependent on what type of dog you have. You might want to measure your dog while he’s sleeping to get an idea of how much room he takes up. Make sure that the dog bed is plenty large enough for your sleeping dog. If you are covering a pillow or cushion, make sure that your chosen cushion or pillow is large enough for your dog to sleep on, and then measure that instead of your dog. You can use leftover material from other projects, but make sure that it is very strong material before using it to make a dog bed.
  2. Cut the fabric. Now, cut two large squares of fabric, giving yourself at least a 1″ seam allowance on every edge. If you are more confident in your sewing skills, you can make the bed round, rectangular, or any other shape.
  3. Sew the fabric. Sandwich the two pieces of fabric so that the good sides are facing each other. Then sew around three of the sides using your sewing machine. Sew the zipper into the fourth seam. Though you can make a dog bed without a zipper, you won’t be able to wash the cover, so the dog bed will not last as long. Make sure that the zipper is facing the right way when you turn the dog bed right side out. Double check all of the seams to make sure they’ll hold up to lots of use. If you want extra strength on the seams, turn the bed right side out, iron it so that all of the edges and corners lay flat, and then sew a stitch all the way around the outside edges of the bed for reinforcement.
  4. Add the stuffing. Unzip the zipper along the seam of your dog bed. Now, place the stuffing, pillows, or cushions inside the bed. You may be able to place the pillows and cushions intact into the bed, depending on their size. Otherwise, cut them open to re-use the stuffing.
  5. Close the pet bed. Zip the zipper, and then sew the zipper closed by hand. Use just enough stitches to hold it closed, but make it easy to undo the stitches when you’re ready to wash the cover. If you did not use a zipper, sew the fourth side closed by hand.

Making a dog bed is easy even for sewing beginners. The key is to make sure that the bed is both large and durable enough for your pet. Your dog will love this handmade gift.


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