How To Make a Dog Car Seat and Seat Belt

Dogs love to ride in the car. Most pet owners love to take their dogs in the car with them. Problem? Keeping your pet safe in the car when you are on a budget. Here are some tips for making a dog seat belt or a car seat. This will help to keep you and your pet safe on the road when working with a tight budget.

The dog should be confined to one part of the car to keep you safe from distraction and the animal safe in the event of a crash. One easy solution is to use a car harness system. You can make one of these using a leash that is wrapped around the headrest and then attached to the dog’s harness.

Another way to keep the dog buckled into the car is to use a sturdy leather belt wrapped around the seat or that is put through a closed seat belt. You will then attach the leash to the belt in a manner that is loose enough to allow the dog to be comfortable. This is a simple method that will work well in most cars.

If you have a dog that is too small for typical restraint methods there are other simple solutions for this. A basket can be buckled into the car as well as an empty crate, a sturdy box, a laundry basket, just about any container that is sturdy and will give the right amount of height to make the car ride a safe one. Once the animal is in the container you will still need to strap them in. This can be done quite easily using a leash and the dog’s collar.

A good solution to give a dog a little height in the seat is to use folded towels or a pillow. Just be sure that the fabric will not slip around underneath the dog as this can be a safety hazard as well.

These tips should be helpful for keeping your pet safe and secure in the car, as well as helping to keep you safe while driving the car. Typically pet restraints for cars are very expensive, ranging from $50 to $200 or more for this type of device. For anyone on a budget this is not a possibility, however, by using these tips your pet will be safe and you will not have to spend a fortune to make sure that they are.


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