How To Make a Dog Cart

Dog carts were used since historical ages. These were then used to carry goods and move from these from one place to another with the help of a dog or team of dogs. These were also used in other countries to sell milk. The milk container is put on the dog cart. This is still being used today mainly for recreation. Others have a dog race with their dogs on the dog carts. Dog carts sold in the market are expensive. If you have a dog, you can make a dog cart for it. Aside from racing, you can also use this to carry foods during picnic or light grocery items. This is not hard to make and it’s fun because you get to do something special for your pet.

Here are the steps you need to do to make a dog cart for your dog.

  • Get the things that you will need They are: zip ties made of plastic, harness for rear and back, radio flyer wagon, rope, PVC T connectors, 2 feet PVC pipe, and 2 pieces of 6 inches PVC pipes. Choose a rope, which is smooth to avoid cutting your dog.
  • Get the 2 feet PVC pipe and attach a PVC T connector on one of its ends. On the other end without the PVC T connector, drill two holes on both sides. Get a 6 inches PVC pipe and attach it to one end of the connector. Get the other 6 inches PVC pipe and attach to the other end of the connector. Drill two holes on each side of the end of the two 6 inches PVC pipes, which are not attached to the PVT T connector.
  • Attach the radio flyer wagon to the PVC assembly that you made. To do this, get the zip ties and thread these through the holes you drilled on the 2 feet PVC pipe then through the handle of the radio flyer wagon. Make sure that these are properly secured to prevent the wagon from falling when used. Your wagon is now connected to the PVC assembly.
  • Now that you have the body of the dog cart, you can put the harness on your dog. Put the front and back harness of your dog. To know the correct size, get a tape measure and get the measurement around the chest and shoulders of your dog. That will be for the front harness. Then get the measurement of the biggest part of the back legs of the dog. That will be the measurement for the back harness.
  • Once you’re done putting the front and back harness on your dog, attach the harness of the dog to the cart. Connect the harness to the cart using a rope. The rope should be inserted to the holes you drilled at the end of the two 6 inches pipes. Make sure that you tie the rope properly so your dog cart will be secured.

You have just completed your dog cart! You can try using this by putting some things on it to be pulled by your dog. Make sure to put only the weight that your dog can carry.


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