How To Make a Dog Scarf

If you love dressing up, wearing accessories and styling your hair, you can make your dog a fashionista like you! There are dogs that are being dressed up and accessorized by their owners like real people. They are so adorable and pretty to look at. Pet stores sell accessories and clothes for your pets. Some even have these personalized. That’s how special their dogs are. You can make the accessories of your dog even more special by making these by yourself. If you’re not really good in accessory making or sewing, you can try making a scarf for your dog. This is a basic but fashionable thing to do for your dog. The steps are really simple so you can surely do this.

Here’s how you can make a scarf for your dog.

  • Prepare the materials that you will need for your dog scarf. The things that you will need are fabric (1 yard), thread, tape measure, scissors, pin, fabric marker and needle. To make the scarf comfortable, choose a fabric made of cotton. This will be soft and will flow so it will be pretty and comfortable at the same time. Choose the design that you like.
  • Get the measurement for the scarf. Use the tape measure to get the measurement around your dog’s neck. Add 6 inches on the measurement to make room for tying the scarf. Once you have the measurement, get the fabric and lay it on the surface. Make sure to press the fabric to remove any wrinkles. This should be laid smooth and flat. Use a fabric marker to make a square based from the measurement that you got. Cut the square using the scissors.
  • Sew the scarf. Turn the fabric so that the wrong side is facing you and the right side is faced down to the surface. Hold the upper right corner of the square fabric and fold it to the middle of the bottom edge. Do the same on the upper left corner of the fabric. Once the two corners are folded to the middle part of the bottom edge, you will have a triangle shaped fabric. There will be two edges that meet in the middle. Use pins to secure the two edges together. Sew the two edges together to permanently secure. You now have an opening at the bottom edge of the triangle. Pin the bottom edges as well so that the opening will close. Sew the bottom edge to close but leave enough room on the end of the edge to turn the fabric putting the wrong side inside. You can leave about 2 to 3 inches for this. You can also cut a triangle shape on the fabric instead of a square. If you cut a triangle, fold the edges for about half an inch to the wrong side and sew the edges. This way you won’t have to turn the scarf. But the scarf that needs to be turned will be thicker.

Once done, iron the scarf to make this smooth. You can now tie this to your dog. You can make more scarves for your pet. With your dog’s style, it can be the next “Dog Top Model.”


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