How To Make a Dog Soap Bar

People love dogs almost as they love their children. Well, how could you not when these furry little canines return the love with their dedicate affection and protection. If you are among these people, you will always want the best for your canine friend. The best food, the best veterinary care, the best medication, the best of everything, yes, you want them to have it. However, sometimes, providing them the best is not possible due to the hefty price tags on most commercial dog products. Not to worry, though. There are some items that you need not purchase and can make at home. One such item is soap for your dog. Here are some steps on how to make a fantastic home-made soap in bar form.

  • Start with the soap base. Commercial soap bars starts with this ingredient. It is basically like a wax mold that keeps the soap bars solid once it solidifies. It can be purchased in many supermarkets and hardware stores. Typically, this base will require heating as it comes in solid form. Once heated, the base will melt and become liquid. This is what you want to work with. Heat it until it melts and pour it onto a metal pan. About 4 to 5 ounces should suffice.
  • Add herbal shampoo. Purchase herbal shampoo at your local supermarket or specialty store. This type of shampoo is typically made for people but it can be used for canines as well. Nevertheless, if you want something specific for dogs, then you may want to visit your pet supply store and purchase a bottle of herbal shampoo specifically for dogs. About 1 tablespoon for every 4 to 5 ounces of base should do the trick.
  • Add some vitamin E. You can purchase vitamin E, 400 IU to be exact at your local pharmacy. It comes in liquid or capsule form. Since you are making soap, you will want it in liquid form. This vitamin will promote healthy fur and skin that you will definitely want your pooch to have. A couple of teaspoons should be more than enough.
  • Add glycerin. To finish the main concoction, add a touch of glycerin. About ¼ teaspoon should do. This is a common ingredient in most soaps and shampoo so never forget to add this.
  • Add the oils. Once all the ingredients are in the mix, it is now time to add the ingredients appropriate for your dog’s skin type and skin problems. These are essential oils and what you will need to use will vary depending on what you want to remedy. For instance, if your dog has flea problems, then you will want peppermint tea oil, eucalyptus oil, and citronella oil in your soap. Adding tea tree oil is good for dry skin as well as for stench.

Once all the ingredients are in place, mix the concoction and pour into a
soap mold. Again, you can find soap molds at the grocery or hardware
store. You can use metal baking molds for the soap if you desire. It
really does not matter what shape it comes in for as long as it
solidifies and does the cleaning job you want. Pour it onto the mold and
allow it a day or two to set and solidify.


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