How To Make a Doggie Door More Secure

Few pet products or inventions have been as appreciated for their convenience as the doggie door, but there are unfortunately many concerns in regards to the security risk associated with their use. A doggie door is typically designed to allow a beloved pet to enter and exit the family home at their own leisure. However, the design also enables other unwanted animals to gain access to the house. Not only can four-legged intruders cause physical damage, but they could also bite or attack an occupant of the home. The good news is, this article has a few short tips on how to make a doggie door more secure.

Many homeowners may decide that their best option is to relocate the doggie door to the garage. This simple move can enable pets to seek shelter when necessary, but will not expose the inside of the home to potential risks. From a security standpoint, this is normally not a bad idea.

No matter where the doggie door is located, there should be some type of security latch installed with it. If a family is going to be away from the home for an extended period of time or vacation, the doggie door can be fastened and will not allow any passage.  Some homeowners will bring their pets in at night and lock the doggie door for the highest level of peace of mind available.

An exciting newer product that is now available is a secured access doggie door. Each pet is required to wear a collar that will allow the doggie door to open based on the presence of a special magnet. Although this is not completely secure, this will keep most unwanted animals from being able to climb through the opening.

One final tip to consider when making a doggie door more secure is whether or not the homeowner would like to institute a manually operating device. There are now sliding doggie doors available with the purpose of allowing animals to exit and enter only at certain times. The doggie door slides open and there is a screen in place that will allow the pet to pass through. The doggie door can close securely and remain locked when not in use.

No matter what a homeowner decides to do, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to make a doggie door more secure.  The convenience that a doggie door allows is definitely a great asset to any pet owner.


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