How To Make a Grooming Table for a Dog

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Making a grooming table for a dog can be a fairly easy task and can make grooming your dog much easier in the future. Why spend more money on a table when it’s easy enough to make on your own? This procedure can be done even with some of the most basic carpentering skills, though if you are not comfortable with dealing with precise measurements, ask a friend who is or find someone who is willing to do this job for a couple of bucks.

Instead of spending money on a pre-made grooming table for your dog, go out and make a smaller purchase. Buy a set of table legs that fold up into the table in its stead. If you have a large dog, then you may wish to take the legs to a lumber yards and get a few inches (approximately four) sawed off so that they do not snap when the dog stands on the table. While you’re at the lumber, get yourself some wood; a 24×36 inch piece of wood should get the job done. If possible, see if you can get the piece of wood sanded all around every edge; we want the table to be as smooth as possible for our best canine buddy!

Take a couple of screws and attach the legs to the underside of the board. Now, for the top of the table so your dog doesn’t get any splinters, you will need to use either rubber, vinyl, or some sort of indoor or outdoor carpet runner. When you have chosen your material, cut it to the size of the table and glue it on. Go ahead and ensure it’s on tight by nailing it down with spaces every half foot. You have made a grooming table for a dog!

If you’d like to make it mobile so it doesn’t sit in one spot and get in the way, get a set of 4 inch caster wheels and screw them into each corner of the table on the underside. By screwing in an eye hook, preferably large, at the end of the board, this can be used as the base for a puller. Attach some sort of rope or string to it (just make sure Fido doesn’t find it tasty and start gnawing on the puller!), make sure it’s tied very tightly, and your grooming table is now mobile! When you want to roll it out, fold the legs up, put the table down and simply wheel it on out.

As you can see, it is very easy to make a grooming table for a dog at about half the price it would cost to buy one pre-made. Not only is your wallet happy, but you can feel accomplished for making something from the heart for your favorite little puppy.


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