How To Make a Hermit Crab Habitat

Hermit Crabs make a great pet for anyone, because Hermit Crabs are easy to take care of and are a joy to have. Though Hermit Crabs are simple pets, Hermit Crabs still need specific care just like any other pet. Hermit Crabs need a habitat with certain elements and need a certain amount of humidity.

What you need for your Hermits Crab’s Habitat:

  1. 10 Gallon Aquarium with a Screen Cover- Don’t buy into thinking your Hermit Crab only needs a small little plastic container. Hermit Crabs need a space big enough to where he can walk and tunnel in, and a 10 gallon tank should do the job.
  2. Basking Light- This basking light well keep your Hermit Crabs habitat at the appropriate temperature. Also it makes a great place for your Hermit Crab to bath in the heat (Hermit Crabs generally like this).
  3. Food and Water Dishes- This will be where you put the food and water you feed your Hermit Crab. I would recommend getting plastic dishes since they are much easier to clean compared to glass dishes.
  4. The Substrate- This is what will cover the bottom of your Hermit Crabs habitat. You probably want to get something that makes it easier for your Hermit Crab to tunnel in, for this reason I recommend to get Coconut Fiber.
  5. A Shelter- This will be a little log or some small shelter that your Hermit Crab can crawl into so that he can hide or sleep.
  6. Thermometer and Hygrometer- This will be placed inside your Hermit Crabs habitat. It will help you can keep an eye on the temperature and humidity levels, so they don’t get to high or they don’t get to low.
  7. Accessories and Decorations- If you want something a little extra to add a more stylish look to your Hermit Crabs habitat, I would recommend the following: fake plants, rocks, driftwood, and shells.

Setting Up your Hermit Crabs Habitat:

  1. Take your tank, and place it where you want it to be. But before you proceed to the next step, make sure all labels or stickers that might be on the tank are off.
  2. Next, take the substrate and dump it into the tank. Then take your hand and run it over the lump of substrate until it’s even all over the tank’s floor.
  3. Third, take the thermometer and hygrometer. Set them up according to the directions that came with them.
  4. Fourth, take your hand and dig a little hole, this is where you want to place the food and water dishes. This will make it easier for the Hermit Crab to reach his food.
  5. Finally take all the extras like toys and shelter and place them in a way so the Hermit Crab still has room to walk around.


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