How To Make a Scrunchy Dog Collar

If you have ever made a scrunchy for yourself, you already know how to make a scrunchy dog collar!

If you haven’t, then follow these easy instructions.

The items and materials you will need to make a scrunchy dog collar are:

A tape measure and ruler, fabric scissors, a piece of medium weight fabric, about 1/2 yard should do. I recommend washable and durable. This is a good pattern for using up scrap fabric! You will need a sewing machine, (or it can be sewn by hand with needle and thread), and a length of elastic. I recommend 1/2″ to 1″ wide, and at least a couple of feet long. The size of your dog should be your guide to choosing the width. A small dog will need the narrower width, and if you decide to make a scrunchy collar for a cat, you will need elastic even narrower, perhaps 1/4″ wide. A rotary cutter and cutting board would make cutting the fabric easier if you have them.

How to make the collar:

  1. First, use the tape measure to measure your dog’s neck. It is important to keep in mind that you want the scrunchy collar to be loose enough to be comfortable for your dog, but not so loose that it will just slip over his head. Then add an extra 1/4″ on the length for the seam.
  2. Cut the elastic to the length of the measurement you just took. Put aside.
  3. Then, double the measurement you just took. From the fabric you want to use for the scrunchy collar, cut a length that is as long as the doubled measurement, and 1/2″ wider than the elastic, using the ruler. If you want to make more than one collar, I suggest that you first use your measurements to cut a pattern out of paper for future use.
  4. Now, using the sewing machine or by hand, sew a tube out of the cut piece of fabric by folding it once along the long edge WRONG SIDE OUT, and sewing the long open side, making a 1/4″ seam. This will make the tube fit over the fabric loosely, making it easier to “scrunch”.
  5. Turn the fabric tube right side out, and insert the elastic. The fabric tube will be longer than the elastic, so keep pushing the fabric onto the elastic until the elastic is showing on both ends, and the fabric is “scrunched”.
  6. Now overlap the ends of the elastic 1/4″, and stitch across it several times, to make sure that it is secure, keeping the fabric pushed back out of the way.
  7. Next, overlap the ends of the fabric over the sewn ends of the elastic, folding in the top end a little so that the cut end is not showing. Stitch across the overlapping ends of the fabric a few times to ensure that the dog collar will not come apart.
  8. Then slide the scrunched fabric around the elastic until it is evenly spaced out around the dog collar. I also recommend that you stitch across the fabric in a few other places around the collar so that the fabric will stay evenly spaced out.

There’s your scrunchy dog collar! Add buttons, a silk flower, studs or rhinestones if you want to “glam” your dog!


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