How To Make Dog Collar Leashes

Who said only humans were the only ones allowed to wear the latest fashion? From clothing and footwear to accessories and costumes, you can now spiff up your pet’s daily wardrobe with a thousand of options to choose from. While you’re at it, save some money by pairing your doggie’s fashion with a beautiful homemade collar leash! Interested? Keep reading below to find out how.

  • Prepare the necessary materials and tools for the collar leash. Organize your workspace by procuring all the materials before starting to avoid the unnecessary frazzle during the crafting of the leash. You will need your leash’s fabric, a sewing machine and its corresponding sewing kit where needles, thread can be found, a couple of backpack clips (preferably in plastic material), a key ring (the larger the better), a nylon cord (about five feet will do) and a standard all-purpose carabineer and its respective joiner (preferably in plastic material).
  • Select the fabric for the collar leash. Making a collar leash is easier than you think. It is a creative project that entails a degree of creativity and love for your pet. Start by choosing between the various fabric types available in every fabric store. Of all the possible fabrics, many pet lovers have narrowed their options down to sturdier material due to the wear and tear nature of collar leashes. The most popular choice would be soft leather but you can also consider using material in nylon, cotton.
  • Create the border of the collar. To do this, simply pleat your chosen materials and simply attach them together using a sewing machine or even by hand if you wish. Remember to start on one end before moving on to the other. If you are using leather, be sure to use the appropriate thread for it. Thicker and waxier threads are known to be compatible to leather based material. For nylon and other cotton-based material, prevent the fabric’s threads from unraveling by using stitches similar to the zigzag pattern.
  • Finish the collar by fastening the clips. Simply crease the material and allow the thread to pass through the open end of the clip. At this point, you should end up with a hoop or coil. Use your needle and thread to sew the clip at the opposite end of the collar. Next, take the fabric and continue the threading process with the key ring and the other end of the clip. Sew them together using the same kind of material you used on the previously. Keeping in mind the measurement of your doggie’s neck, add a half an inch allowance on all edges. In case you end up with more than what you needed, simply pleat and sew the excess allowance.  
  • Create the leash. Take your nylon cord and picture the area where you are most likely to hold on to while walking your dog. To attach the joiner, form a ring enough to house your hand. Once you are satisfied, secure the ring by lodging its end into the joiner. To successfully fasten it in place, most joiners come with bars or strips that allow for pressure to hold the ends in place.  
  • Connect the end to a standard all-purpose carabineer. Simply press down on the tab of the carabineer to facilitate the attachment of the leash of the key ring. Go over the entire collar leash and make sure everything is secure and in place. Once you have validated this, call on your dog and try out his spanking new collar leash!


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