How To Make Homemade Dog Shampoo

A dog can have a coat that needs real attention, especially if it is long and cushy or really thick; then you would spend hours grooming. A good example of a delicate coat is that of a Shih-Tzu. You would need to spend time washing and brushing its coat often. For a poodle that has a curly coat, you also need to get the right accessories to give it proper cleaning. Having your dog groomed by a professional can cost you a lot. You could do it yourself with specialized dog shampoos, but could put a hole in your wallet, so some people are now turning to making dog shampoo in their homes.
There are several ways to make the best natural homemade shampoo. Making a homemade dog shampoo is listed below.

  1. Get a pint of apple cider vinegar. It would be better if you get an organic one. Who knows how sensitive your dog might be. Mix the pint of apple cider vinegar the same amount of water, half a quart of dishwashing liquid and a sweet syrupy trihydroxy alcohol or glycerol of about 29 grams. Use a very large bowl to avoid spills.
  2. Add a few tea tree leaves. It is a good add on to give that special aroma. Some people even open up green tea bags and sprinkle the tea leaves on the concoction. Do not put too much because it might overpower the solution and could also stick on to your dog’s coat. A little scattering would do. Tea leaves are known to be medicated so it would be an added benefit for your pet.
  3. Once you’re done combining all the said ingredients, get a bottle where you can put the mixture. Find something that can be sealed well, much better if it is air tight. Do not forget to place “dog shampoo” on the bottle so as not to create confusion. The other family members might accidentally use it or worse, you might end up doing so.
  4. Shake the bottle really hard to make sure everything is well mixed inside. Almost like oil and water, you need to do it hard to get the correct consistency and effect of the homemade shampoo.
  5. Check if the liquid is not too hard to apply or is not too thick. If this is the case, add a bit of water. You don’t want to engulf your dog in ever growing foam.
  6. Once you are done, place the shampoo you just made in a secure place, somewhere where your kids cannot access it, like on a top shelf or under the stairs. This will avoid possible poisoning not only for the children but for the adults as well.
  7. Once you are ready to use it, wash it on a part of your dog’s fur first, like a test, to see if it is going to make it itchy or will make the coat difficult to handle. It’s best to do this to avoid handling a whole mane of hair that has gone coarse.

Use this method and you will save yourself money. If you feel that this is still a bit too much you can use baking soda mixed with water and a lot more other ways by getting some tips from your friends or online. Dog shampoo is quite uncomplicated to make. When you make one, always keep in mind that it is vital for your pet’s cleanliness and health.


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