How To Make Pet Furniture

Your pets are like members of the family. So why not give them furniture to spruce up their life? You can easily make pet furniture that your pet will love. Here are some suggestions on constructing furniture for your furry friends.

Step 1

Make a cat climbing center. You can use just about any material you like to construct pet furniture for your cat. Cardboard, wood or even PVC will do the trick. For your kitty, consider making a climbing center. Construct a few simple boxes with openings in them and stack them in an uneven manner. Line the boxes with carpet if your kitty likes to scratch. Attach a hanging toy from the top box to entice your feline to play. And make an extra comfortable spot for your cat to snooze away the day with a soft blanket. Secure the entire apparatus to a solid base and introduce your cat to its new paradise.

Step 2

Make a hamster wheel. Your gerbil or hamster loves to run, and you can make pet furniture that will bring your pet hours of amusement. To make a running wheel, first create a base out of PVC pipes or wood. The base should be the width of the wheel, and have a sturdy arm up one side that will support the wheel. You can make the wheel itself out of the bottom of a strong bucket, or any flat-bottomed cylinder with an open side. Use a nut and bolt to secure the wheel to the arm, ensuring the wheel can turn freely on its axel. That’s all there is to making this simple piece of pet furniture.

Step 3

Make a PVC bird feeder. Your feathered friends will love a homemade piece of furniture, especially if you fill it with food! Create a simple bird feeder by using a wide piece of PVC pipe (at least 4 inches wide). Drill a two-inch hole in the pipe a few inches up from the bottom of the pipe to act as the opening for obtaining food, leaving enough room to attach a landing perch. This can be made by inserting a smaller PVC pipe through a hole below the feeding hole. Glue a cover to the bottom of the main base, but just place the cover on the top of the feeder so that you can remove it to refill the feeder. Attach a piece of wire or string to the top of your new feeder, and hang your proud piece of pet furniture outside for the world to see!

Step 4

Create a dog house. One of the most popular pieces of pet furniture that people decide to make on their own is a dog house. You can create a palace for your canine companion using a few pieces of plywood. Cut out 5 identical squares to create the bottom and sides of your dog house. Cut two larger rectangles to create the roof. Cut a door into one of the sides, and attach all of the pieces using nails and glue. Outfit this new piece of pet furniture with a blanket, and your pooch will be singing your praises.

Getting some furniture for your pet doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. With a few basic supplies and some creative thinking, you can make pet furniture that will impress your guests and your pets.


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