How To Make Your Own Dog Biscuits

Your four legged fellow will love you all the more when you make the dog biscuits for it. And for one, your wallet will love you too and save you all the extra expenses that this might incur. Plus, the personalized factor fosters love. It can even be a bonding activity between you and your kids. Here are the steps that will help you create your own dog biscuits:

  • Cookie Cutter World. The first step is to get a cookie cutter. A fun one will motivate you to keep on doing it. You can have different shapes; it will look good for you and it will smell the same to your dog anyway. If you want, design it like a traditional dog bone or something to that effect.
  • Treat Type. You can be more specific with your goals. The Poop Pantry gives you a lot of dog treat recipes that you can try on your own. Aside form the biscuits, you can do away with other types of dog treats that will fill up your doggie’s tummy in no time. There are even treats for specific occasions like Christmas and Halloween. That is something fun not just for the dog but for your human loved ones.
  • Nutrition Value. You can try adding powder form of vitamins like Vitamin E on your recipe. This will ensure that the dog will not run out of the nutrition needs that he has. Of course, you will have to consult with the recommended daily allowance for dogs, which will differ from what humans are used to taking in.
  • Simple or Basic Recipe. You will just need three cups of flour, half a cup of milk (skimmed), and a beaten egg to start. To keep fleas from flocking, you can use a pinch of garlic powder and mix it with the milk and the flour first. After that, you will have to add the egg that has been beaten already previously. This dough can be baked in 350 degrees for about a few minutes until it gets a golden brown hue.
  • Add-Ons. Peanut butter, liver and other meat droppings are some examples of add-ons that you can try. Add them to your simple mixture established in the previous step. Achieve the perfect consistency by adding the right amounts of flavor. There is no exact science to that; only you can tell how much can be considered enough.
  • Cooling and Storage. Cool the cookies and then you can store it first in the fridge for better solid texture. Later on, get an airtight bottle or container to place it in.
  • The No-No List. Nuts, chocolate, raisins and onions are just some of the things you need not put and can cause harm to your dog. Make sure you stay on the safe side and keep it simple first.

Variety is the spice of dog life. The good thing about making this on
your own is that you are sure that it is clean and safe with the right
materials. Some dog owners even have organic dog food variants that they
experiment with. Feel free to add some more detail to the basic dog
biscuit recipe and let your deserving dog be in for a happy treat!


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