How To Own a Successful Dog Kennel

Imagine yourself playing with lots of dogs all day long—and you get money from doing that. Isn’t that a wonderful, dream-like image? It doesn’t have to be just a dream for you because you can surely make this dream-like adventure come true by owning a dog kennel.

A dog kennel is like a day care center for kids, only that you’ll be taking care of dogs. For dog lovers like you, this is an ideal business because you’ll be earning money from something you enjoy doing in the first place.

Here are the steps you should follow when owning a dog kennel:

  1. Find a place. Before you can have a successful dog kennel, you should first have an ideal space for it. You’re ready to start doing business if you have a large backyard. That space is the perfect playground for the dogs. Make sure the space is perfectly secured so that no dogs will be able to go over or through the fence.
  2. Build kennels or shadowy spots for the dogs. Sunshine is healthy for dogs. But too much exposure to the sun is not very healthy. It might cause dehydration or exhaustion for the dogs. Don’t let them feel so tired and sick by providing individual kennels where they can rest in the afternoon. A big roofed area for playing is a good idea also especially for dogs who can’t go to sleep and like to play outside.
  3. Secure the fence. Prevention is always better than cure. You’ll have lesser chances of losing a dog if your fence is high enough for them to reach. If your backyard’s fence is too short or has a distance possible for dogs to pass through, then you better do something about that. You can replace the fence or you can improve it. Either way is okay for as long as you can prevent dogs from going out without you noticing it.
  4. Prepare dog toys. Your kennel will be like a big playground and school for the dogs. It can’t be a big playground without toys. So, invest on chewable toys that are sturdy enough to last longer.
  5. Prepare other dog things. Dogs need a lot of basic things like blanket, food bowls, and dog beds. Don’t forget dog foods, too.
  6. Advertise. People should know you are offering a dog kennel. There’s no better way informing them aside from advertising. You can have posters, pay newspaper ads, post on yellow pages, or have ads on radio and TV.
  7. Take care of the dogs and their owners. A happy and healthy dog will have a happy owner. As long as you keep the dog and the owner happy, they’ll make you happy, too. That is by patronizing your services and giving you their loyalty.

Most kennel owners run their business on their own while some hire staff. If you’ll run it on your own, it will be better that you limit the number of dogs you admit inside the kennel. If not, you can hire someone to help you out taking care of the dogs.

As long as you are happy with what you do, you can say it is a successful dog kennel. You may not be earning multi-million dollar returns with it but at least, you’re earning a living from something you don’t really consider a job.


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