How To Set Up a Hermit Crab Habitat

Having hermit crabs for pets is not as easy as some may think. But compared to other animals, they are not that difficult either. One of the main components when having crabs for pets is the Crab Habitat or Crabitat.  Setting a Crabitat up is important and should be done correctly to ensure the health and well being of the crabs.

The first step when building a hermit crab habitat is to gather the necessary materials. This includes an aquarium large enough to hold the number of crabs intended to live in it, and the general rule of thumb is 1 gallon per two crabs. You will also need:

  • Clean sand
  • Three dishes for food and water
  • A water dechlorinator
  • Marine salt from a pet store
  • A thermometer/humidity gauge
  • Extra crab shells
  • An aquarium heater and an aquarium lid

Driftwood and a net can be added along with a second level.

After gathering the materials needed, it is time to put the hermit crab habitat together. The first thing to do is to decide where to place the aquarium. This should be in an area where there are no air drafts, such as an air conditioner vent, or where anything can be sprayed on it, such as hairspray or air freshener spray. The location should also be where the temperature is not too hot or too cold.

After placing the aquarium, next put clean sand in it. There needs to be enough sand in the aquarium so the hermit crabs can bury themselves, tunnel and molt in it. Place the thermometer/humidity gauge in the hermit crab habitat next so you can begin monitoring the temperature and humidity. Spray the sand with dechlorinated fresh water to increase the humidity and make it easier for the crabs to tunnel. Now place the second level if you are adding one. Driftwood leading to it and nets hanging off of it work good for the crabs to play on. Place the food and water dishes. Two shallow dishes are used for water, one for salt water and one for freshwater.

The crabs can be added to the hermit crab habitat now. Also add the extra crab shells, these shells should be at least a little bit bigger than the shells that the crabs are in already, and there should be a variety of them. Next install the heater and put the lid on the crabitat.  The crabs can enjoy their new home finally.


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