How To Set Up a Terrarium for an Iguana

Iguanas are undeniably good pets to consider. However, if you don’t know how to give them the right home, you must not be insensitive enough to grab one for yourself. But, if you really wish to take home an iguana as a pet, you must allow yourself to learn about how you can set up a terrarium for your very own pet iguana.

As you know, it is very important that you give your pet a good home to ensure his safety all the time. Hence, here are the things you must do in order for you to create a perfect abode for your iguana:

Get a good-sized terrarium. Iguanas will always prefer to be placed in an open tank where they can still have space to provide them good comfort. Hence, the ideal tank size for your iguana’s terrarium is about 40 to 50 gallon capacity. It can be a little smaller or bigger depending on the size of your pet. Therefore, analyze the size of your pet and decide whether they can move freely and comfortably in the kind of tank you will be purchasing for him.

Install a light in the terrarium. Light is very much important in the life of iguanas. For one, the UVB light or the day light gives them calcium for their bones. Without exposure to such kind of light, it can lead to bone diseases or even death. Hence, make sure that you install a day light just 12 to 18 inches from the terrarium. In addition to this day light, you must also install an inferred red light, which is needed by your pet during the night.

Set the temperature in the terrarium. Your pet has no chance of knowing how to control its own body temperature. Therefore, it is a must for you to provide him a terrarium that is warm enough. You can do this by using ceramic heaters, incandescent lamps, or cage heating pads to raise the temperature inside. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature in the tank. Keep in mind that the temperature during the day must be around 85 degrees while it must be around 75 degrees during the night.

Prepare a good supply of food and water. It is important that the terrarium has an all day supply of fresh water. Plus, you must not forget to offer your pet foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Add a piece of log in the terrarium
. Your pet will surely love climbing and laying down on logs or small plants inside the terrarium. This gives him the feeling of still being outdoors. Therefore, do not forget this important addition in the terrarium.

Always be reminded that setting up a terrarium for your pet iguana requires a good deal of knowledge. Indeed, it will always be up to you whether or not your pet will come out to be a healthy one in the end. As much as possible, you must start taking great care of your pet iguana by providing him a good home all the time.


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