How To Shop Online for Pet Supplies

Shopping online for pet supplies means you have to be knowledgeable of the products you want to buy, since you won’t get the chance to personally inspect them before purchase.  Try to get reviews or other information about the products first before buying them.

There is a plethora of things you can get for your pet online. For dogs alone, there are lots of accessories including beds, crates, leashes, and toys, and other things to pamper your pooch! For cats, you can buy litter filling, scratching posts and even catnip. Here are a few tips when shopping for pet supplies online.

  • Read reviews. Since you’re not able to personally inspect items, it’s best to read reviews by other pet owners, to see if the item you plan to buy is of good quality. Different pets have different preferences, too, so you should keep this in mind, especially if your pet is brand conscious.
  • Read ratings. If you’re buying from an individual seller or from auction sites, be sure to review the user ratings and comments, so you won’t be fooled by online scammers. If a seller mostly has negative ratings, then you should look elsewhere.
  • Look at Pictures. Since you cannot touch an item with your hands, then at least find an actual picture of the items you are buying. Ask the sellers to take actual pictures of the supplies or items for sale, rather than just a studio shot of the item. This ensures you get a visual impression of the quality of the items you’re buying.
  • Buy in bulk. You might be able to save on shipping and handling costs if you buy supplies sufficient for a couple of months or so. Buying per piece might require the store or seller to ship your item more expensively, and larger packages mean less packaging cost.
  • Pay securely. The last step in purchasing pet supplies online is paying. Make sure your online store processes your payment securely. If you’re not paying using a credit card, you can pay through PayPal or other reputable online processors. Make sure your browser shows a locked padlock symbol, and make certain that the site’s URL shows HTTPS instead of HTTP, as this signifies that you are currently logged in via a secure session.
  • Check addresses. Be sure to input the correct shipping address, and to include your contact information in case trouble arises. If you’re buying consumables like pet food, also make sure to include specific instructions to the store or seller, if you expect to stock up on these items.
  • Check out these resources. If you’re interested in buying pet supplies over the Internet, you can check sites like or even If you’re doing a search, be sure to look for items that are appropriate to your pet’s breed, size and other preferences.

Shopping online can be a boon for pet lovers who simply don’t have the time to go out and buy at brick and mortar establishments. Shopping online also means you get to spend more time with your pooch or kitty instead. Why don’t you show your pet pictures of your online purchases so they can also be excited?


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