How To Store Dry Dog Food

Dogs are known for being dependable and being a good companion and friend as well. Because of this, many people have developed fondness to this canine.  And many pet owners consider the dog as a companion and not a mere pet. If you are taking care of a dog, your primary consideration should be its health, which greatly relies on the food that you feed it.

You can save in buying your dog’s dry food if you purchase in bulk. However, you must also consider the proper way of storing the dog’s dry foods. You surely do not wish to feed your pet with defective or unsafe food. Here are the guidelines to take note when storing dry dog foods:

  • Check the dates. Though you can save in buying in bulk, it is still important to note that the food supply should only be for a month. This will keep the dry dog’s food in best condition. Check for the manufacturing and expiration dates before feeding them to your pet.
  • Decide for the kind of storeroom or bin. The container should be sealed enough so as not to invite insects and parasites inside. Insects and parasites can ruin the appetite of your dog. So keep your dog’s dry food in a good sealed container. If possible, you should purchase a large storage bin that can hold the whole bag of dog food.
  • Label the containers. If you own several pets and they eat different foods, make sure to label the containers so that you don’t get them interchanged.
  • Keep a measuring cup. This will ensure that you feed the dog with enough foods and that the dog does not overeat. For easy scooping, you may opt to have a dispenser.
  • Stir the dry food of the dog when mixing feeds. This will make sure that the base of the container does not accumulate residues in the long period.
  • Do not store dog food in a place exposed to sunlight and open air.  Similarly, the storage should be free from moist. Throw away any food that gets wet.
  • Throw away excess dog food not consumed within the month. In the same manner, throw away those that have exceeded the expiration date.
  • Rinse the dog food container after every use. This will keep the food clean. Also, this will help remove the leftovers for the day and prepare the container for the next feeding.

Keeping the dog’s dry food in best condition is your primary concern as a pet owner. This goes hand in hand with buying dog foods far from their expiration date and providing proper storage.

Also, it is important to note that although dry dog foods are convenient to store, fresh dog foods are still the best choice. So if you want to keep your pet dog always healthy, provide nutritious foods. The health of the dog does not rely on mere foods. You may as well consider other factors such as proper grooming and regular visits to the vet.


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