How To Teach a Pet Hermit Crab Tricks

Many are not aware that a hermit crab can also become a good pet, not to mention its ability to learn tricks like any other more common pets. If you have one at home and are eager to teach it some tricks, below are ways on how to do it.

  1. Establish trust and bonding with your hermit crab. Before you can teach your hermit crab some tricks, it is important that you establish trust first. To do this, prepare food and gently feed your crab. Feed the little hermit crab with your hands. When you do this, be sure to make it approach you from a certain distance. 
  2. Familiarize the hermit crab with your voice. Many are not aware of it, but hermit crabs do recognize voices. So the next step is for you to make the hermit crab recognize your voice, as well as its name. While feeding, talk to the hermit crab using its name. This way, it will be able to relax itself while in your presence. This will also help form a bond between the two of you, which is very vital when teaching it some tricks.
  3. Keep on calling on the hermit crab by its name. The keys here are voice recognition and name recall. These two will dictate your success in teaching the hermit crab. So whenever you are with it, talk to him using the name you have given him. You have to instill your voice as well as its name so it could respond later on to commands through your voice.
  4. You also have to chirp at him. This is the natural sound of hermit crabs. Chirping with it would enable you to somehow converse with your hermit crab. This exercise is a good way to form and strengthen your bond with the hermit crab. 
  5. Prepare a hermit crab leash and let him walk through it. Now that you have established a bond with your hermit crab, it is time to start the formal lesson with your little student. Prepare a hermit crab leash, and then let it walk through it. This will train him to walk towards a straight path, because remember, hermit crabs are naturally curious creatures. They would just wonder around by themselves if allowed to walk. You have to be cautious in choosing the leash to be used with your hermit crab. There are leashes that may intoxicate it like metal items. So you may have to make extensive research on the leash you will use.
  6. Do not force the hermit crab to do some tricks. Hermit crabs are never the same. They are unique in their own. A certain trick done by a certain hermit crab is not a guarantee that the same can be done by another. If you feel that the hermit crab is not comfortable with the trick, do not force it. It may not be good for its health.  

Teaching a hermit crab some tricks may be new to a lot of us. But of course, like teaching any other pets, you have to be patient in teaching hermit crabs as well. On top of this, you have to love it and exert care for your pet. Remember not to stress your pet by forcing it to do some tricks. Always consider their uniqueness and individuality.


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