How To Use a Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

Dogs bark because of many different reasons. But whether it is because of hunger, separation from family or they are simply seeking attention, their howling and barking is simply a major annoyance  not only to you as the owner but to your neighbors as well. The use of a dog whistle is an effective way to train your dogs to stop barking on command.

  • Be aware of the reasons why your dogs are barking. This will help you train your dogs more easily.
  • The most effective way to train your dogs to stop barking is to train them first to bark on your command. Use hand or verbal signals to make your dogs understand what you want them to do. When your dog starts barking, use your verbal signal or command word repeatedly, until your dog becomes aware and will start to respond to it. Give treats such as biscuits, bits of chicken and the like as a reward for being obedient and cooperative. This will further encourage your dogs to respond effectively on your command.
  • Train your dogs with your command word, for a couple of weeks probably, until the dog gets used to that routine. It is usually after the first week of training that your dog will start to respond automatically to your command word. Continue giving it treats but lessen the frequency as you move on with the training. You would also notice that barking becomes less frequent at this time.
  • When you and your dog are ready, you can now use the dog whistle to train it to stop barking on command. Give the command word to get the barking started then blow the whistle. It will have little or no effect on your dog at first, but continue doing this until your dog starts to fall silent, either in confusion or it simply responded to the high pitch frequency your whistle gives out. Give your dog its favorite treat and praise it when it stops barking.
  • It is also important to understand that dogs and all kinds of animals respond to different levels of high pitch frequency. You may have to adjust your whistle to the pitch frequency that your dog will respond to. To find out the right frequency for your dog, wait until it sleeps and blow your whistle gently. Dog whistles have built in screws that you can adjust while blowing it and wait until your dog starts to stir or wakes up. You will then know the right frequency that your dog can hear and will respond to. This will make your training much easier,
  • Keep training your dog until it responds effectively to your whistle. Continue giving your dog its favorite treats and pet it for its obedience. Lessen the treats once your dogs are responding well to your training and its responses become a regular training routine.

If you have more than one dog, you may need to purchase more whistles. Although you can actually use one and just adjust it to the right frequency for each of your dogs, it would be more convenient and easy for you if you have a whistle for each of them. Besides, dog whistles are not very pricey and it will save you more time and effort than adjusting and re-adjusting just one whistle for all of them.


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