How To Use a Dog Whistle

Dogs are man’s best friend and will give their life if their master is in danger. Dogs will obey you and serve you if you train them well. Training your dog for is not as easy as you may think, though. You will need a lot of patience and determination before your dog learns all the things that you want your dog to do. Capturing your dog attention’s during your training is the hardest part that is why a lot of dog owners are using a device to get their dog attention.

This device is called a dog whistle. Dog whistles have been used by many dog owners for a very long time. The whistle works by producing a high pitch frequency sound that only dogs can hear. By using a dog whistle, your can train your dog to respond to the sound that will be emitted by the dog whistle. Here’s how you can effectively use the dog whistle.

  • Test your dog whistle. Upon purchasing a dog whistle, try to puff on it and listen to the sound it will emit. The sound that comes out from the whistle is caused by the force of the air of the metal tube because the sound of the dog whistle is only audible by dogs, not by humans.
  • Observe the effect of the sound to your dog. To properly test the dog whistle, wait for your dog to fall asleep and softly blow the whistle on your dog. A dog whistle contains a screw and a nut where you can adjust the frequency if it is turned. Try to test its frequency until your dog wakes up so you will know what level of frequency your dog can hear. Make note of that frequency because it will be the frequency you will always use to capture your dog’s attention.      
  • Use your dog whistle. After knowing what level of frequency your dog hears, it is time to use your dog whistle as a device to teach your dog to listen and pay attention to the things you will teach. Try to use the dog whistle with different sequences. For instance, one long whistle means stop while a short whistle means sit.
  • In teaching your dog, make sure you are consistent with your whistle frequency so your dog will know what specifically you want your dog to do. In case you have a lot of dogs, buy a dog whistle for each of your dog so your dogs will not get confused by the sound of the whistle that they will hear. If possible try to put a name tag on each whistle so you will know what dog whistle you will use. Make sure to use the correct dog whistle for each of your dogs.

Dogs are loveable and trainable by nature; but it will take time before they get used to the sound of the dog whistle. It will also take time before they perfectly follow the commands that you want them to execute. So make sure that after your training session with your dogs, pamper them with love and care that they deserve.


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