How To Use Fleece Bedding in a Guinea Pig Cage

If you’re a guinea pig lover, for sure you are well aware of the things you need in caring for your pet. When it comes to bedding, fleece nowadays takes the market. Most people are now seeing the benefits of using fleece instead of bedding for their guinea pigs. Fleece has a distinct material that does not absorb water rather it lets water pass right through therefore keeping your pet’s cage dry and comfy. Other benefits include cost efficiency because you don’t need to keep purchasing bedding material after another. You can use fleece over and over again. It also comes in numerous colors and designs to suit your preference. Plus cleaning is hassle free and keeps your cage looking neat and your pet clean and happy. In order to know how fleece bedding is utilized, here are the ways how.

  • Knowing how fleece works. Fleece is an option if you want to do away from the normal bedding for your guinea pig. As mentioned it does not absorb liquid such as urine, which is the most common problem for most pet owners. The moisture does not stay on the surface of the fleece rather it flows down to the underlying layer of fabric. It is best to put the fleece on top layering a rug or towel and a newspaper underneath.
  • Preparing your fleece. Most people think that there is not much preparation to be done after buying the fleece. This is a common error as there are a few things you need to do before you can relax and let the fleece do the work. Upon getting the fleece you need to wash it first using a gentle soap or detergent at least 2-3 times then let it dry.
  • Positioning your fleece in the cage. After doing the necessary preparations, you are now ready to put it in the cage. This step is called layering. There are several choices of layering you may consider. You can use any of the following materials:  towels, pads, mattresses, or newspaper. Now these options have their very own moisture absorption qualities but you need to know which the best choice is. Try using each option to find out for yourself. Say you opt for a towel (which is a recommended alternative), what you do is get one sheet of fleece and place them on top of maybe about 2 pieces of towels and that’s it. It is also recommended to add newspaper underneath the towel for safety purposes.
  • Enjoy the benefits. After all the layering of fleece is done and securely placed on your pet’s cage, you can sit back and relax as you let the fleece perform what it’s made for. The good thing about fleece is that it is easily washable and can be reused. You will not only save money but you will also save time and effort of keeping your pet’s cage clean and comfy at all times.

There you have it. Fleece keeps your cage looking neat, odor free and
squeaky clean. Show how much you love your pet and get one now.


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