Sell a Tarantula

Tarantulas are very fascinating spiders. They are also very beautiful and quite large spiders. If you are a tarantula breeder and looking for ways to increase your tarantula sales, then you have come to the right article. Let’s say you are an exotic pet store owner who carries tarantulas, and you are looking for ways on how to sell your tarantulas. I am here to tell you that you need to know that you are going to have learn how to target your customers in order to get them to buy your tarantulas. Be sure that you have signs up outside stating that you have tarantulas for sell. Try to make the signs very noticeable that way the customers will be sure to first notice the tarantulas. The ones that notice the tarantulas first will be the ones that will more than likely buy the tarantulas.

Set up a nice cage inside of your store and make it very noticeable with a lot of lighting over it in order to draw people to that particular section of your store. Another way on how to sell tarantulas would be to leave out some fun and informative brochures on the particular pet outside and inside of your store. Do not price them, hand them out for free causing the customers to want to pick up the brochures and read about the tarantula. This will intrigue your customers and make them more likely to buy.

You could also sell your tarantulas in bulk and set up a deal for other tarantula breeders to buy so that they can sell their tarantulas. This might also attract bargain hunters. Make sure that the deal is set at a reasonable price, however. Typically, when you sell a tarantula, you need to aim for selling it around anywhere from 30 to 100 dollars US depending on the breed. Let’s say you are selling a blue cobalt tarantula, they typically sell for 40 US dollars on average. You could try to sell 3 for 100 dollars in order to increase your sales and lure people inside to buy.

When you sell a tarantula to someone, you need to be sure that they know a little bit about the spider before buying. The more they know, the more than likely they are going to buy. Is the spider poisonous? Will it harm the owner? What is it’s history? What part of the world does it usually reside in? They also need to know how to care for the spider, what type of environment to raise it in, and what type of food the tarantula likes to eat. If you know all the facts of your spider, then it should not be hard to sell a tarantula at all. Remember to be sure that the customer buying will care for, feed, and shelter the tarantula properly.


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